Adjustable Baby Noise Reduction Earmuffs, NRR 25dB


Introducing our Adjustable Baby Noise Reduction Earmuffs, the perfect solution for safeguarding your child's hearing in a bustling world. Ideal for ages six months to 18 years, these earmuffs blend superior noise reduction with style and comfort, making them an essential accessory for any noisy environment.


Key Features:

🔇 Superior Noise Reduction: Offers a high Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25dB, ensuring excellent sound protection.

🔧 Adjustable & Growing Fit: Perfectly fits children from 6 months to 18 years, adapting as your child grows.

🎨 Vibrant & Appealing Colors: Available in various bright colors to captivate your child's interest.

🔍 Child-Friendly Design: These earmuffs are made from durable ABS material and withstand active play and daily use.

✅ Safety Assured: CE Certified for safety and quality, giving parents peace of mind.

🎧 Passive Protection: Easy-to-use design for noisy events like concerts or sports.

📐 Perfect Size: Measuring 1712.58.5 cm, designed for comfort and convenience.



  • Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
  • Size: 1712.58.5 cm (6.694.923.35 in)
  • Age Range: 6 months to 18 years
  • Certification: CE Certified


🤔 Equip your child with our Adjustable Baby Noise Reduction Earmuffs and let them safely enjoy the world's wonders. These earmuffs are not just a hearing protection device; they invest in your child's safety and comfort in a noisy world. Perfect for every loud adventure, they are your child's best companion for ear protection.



Q: Are they comfortable for long-term wear?
A: Absolutely! They are designed for comfort, even during extended use.

Q: Can these earmuffs be used for infants?
A: They are suitable for children as young as six months.

Q: Are they available in different colors?
A: Yes, we offer a range of vibrant colors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews
Xander Weissnat

Insulation level it's not really top

Sarah Connelly

The product is wonderful, it perfectly met my expectation, but it took a long time to arrive.
Logistics left something to be desired.

Jacklyn Robel

Arrived fast came all right.

Armand Schuster

As the description but I do not know if the size is good quality product

Trace Spinka

Good quality it is the second I order it is perfect for the use of a child just a little fragile at the settings