Talking Flash Cards: Educational Sight Words Game


Dive into a world of learning with 112 double-sided flash cards spanning 12 captivating subjects from animals to jobs. This isn't just a toy—it's a stepping stone to a world of vocabulary, cognitive development, and auditory skills. Perfect for tots aged 2 and up, it's also an exceptional sensory tool for autistic children.


Key Features:

🎧 Hear it to Believe it: Slide a card into the reader, and listen! Not only will it articulate the word, but it also immerses your child in the real sounds of animals and transports. Plus, a handy repeat button ensures mastery through repetition.

📵 Reduce Screen Time: With our Talking Flash Cards, kids experience the joy of learning without screens. It's a fantastic way to have them engaged and learning while reducing their daily dose of mobile devices.

🔋 Travel-friendly & Durable: Weighing only 71g and sized at 43.50.5 inches, it's a breeze for tiny hands. With a built-in rechargeable battery lasting up to 4.5 hours, the adventure doesn't stop! And when you're on the move, store everything in the complimentary portable bag.

🏠 Perfect for Home & Classroom: Whether you're a parent or a teacher, this tool is designed to enrich your child's language skills in an entertaining manner. Watch as they learn to talk, expand their vocabulary, and reinforce sight words in the most delightful way.

🎁 Gift of Knowledge: Hunting for a birthday or Christmas present? Gift them endless hours of learning and fun! Suitable for boys and girls aged 2-6, it promises cherished family moments.

🌐 Trust in Quality: Rest easy knowing our product is certified by major bodies such as CE and CCC, ensuring top-notch safety and quality.

🚫 Safety First: As with all toys, please ensure it's kept away from fire.

🌈 Themes to Explore: Dive into a plethora of themes from nature, transportation, occupations, to music. The possibilities are endless!



  • Flash Cards: 112 double-sided cards
  • Age Range: 2 years and up
  • Battery Life: Up to 4.5 hours
  • Dimensions: 43.50.5 inches
  • Weight: 71g
  • Certification: CE and CCC certified for safety

🛍️ Don't Wait! Add the Talking Flash Cards to your cart today and embark on an educational journey. Remember, learning is fun when it talks back! 🎉



Q: Can I replace the rechargeable battery?

A: No need! The built-in rechargeable battery is designed to last and is not replaceable.

Q: Are these flashcards suitable for children with autism?

A: Absolutely! These flashcards are an exceptional sensory tool for autistic children, providing auditory stimulation and engagement.

Q: How many themes are included in the flashcards?

A: You'll find 12 captivating themes spanning various subjects to keep learning exciting and varied.

Q: Can the flashcards be used in a classroom setting?

A: Yes, they are perfect for both home and classroom use, enriching language skills in an entertaining manner for children aged two and up.








Customer Reviews

Based on 256 reviews
Stan Anderson

Good Toy, I advise

Darwin Schmeler

Super. Children 4 terms, in himself turn on and repeat the words.

Ernie Beer

Very cool and educational toy.

Brielle Purdy

Very nice and very good, very clear and didactic sound

Marian Feeney

The box was torn by ale pratsyu without any speed