Swimming Turtle & Whale Bath Toys, Clockwork Water Play for Kids


Embark on a splash-filled journey with the Swimming Turtle & Whale Bath Toys, your child's perfect partners for an unforgettable aquatic adventure! Designed for youngsters from birth to six, these clockwork marvels bring joy and giggles during bath time. Made from child-safe ABS plastic, these toys are fun and secure for your little one's playful explorations.


Key Features:

🐢🐋 Fun Duo: The package includes a captivating turtle and a delightful whale, providing varied and dynamic play.

🔄 Clockwork Mechanism: Wind them up and watch them go! These toys swim and splash, encouraging the development of motor skills.

🌊 Water Play Adventure: Specially made for water, they transform bath time into an immersive and enjoyable experience.

🌟 Unisex Appeal: Ideal for both boys and girls, promoting inclusive play for all children.

🛡️ Safety Assured: Constructed with top-quality ABS plastic, non-toxic and adhering to 3C certification standards.

🚫 Fire Safety Caution: A reminder to keep these toys away from the fire to ensure your child's Safety.


  • Recommended Age Group: 0-6 years
  • Material: High-Quality, Non-Toxic ABS Plastic
  • Certification: 3C Certified


Make every bath time a fun-filled escapade with these enchanting Swimming Turtle & Whale Bath Toys. Not only do they promise endless fun, but they also prioritize your child's Safety and developmental growth. Perfect for gifting or adding to your child's collection of bath toys.



Q: Are these toys suitable for very young children? 
A: Yes, they are designed for kids aged 0-6 years, with Safety and enjoyment in mind.

Q: Do the toys require batteries?
A: They operate on a simple wind-up mechanism, making them accessible and safe to use in water.

Q: How do I maintain and clean these toys?
A: They can be easily rinsed and air-dried after each use, ensuring daily hygienic play.

🛁 Dive into a world of splashing fun with the Swimming Turtle & Whale Bath Toys. Add them to your cart now and watch your little one's bath time become an ocean of adventures! 🌟


Customer Reviews

Based on 200 reviews
Yasmine Bernhard

Baby likes it

Carole Gottlieb

Muy bien

Lucius Nienow

It is a little heavy, it advances very little in the water.

Sydnie Schoen

My 5 month old enjoys this toy in the tub.

Lisa Bradtke

Very funny, right like in the ad