Super Wings Mini Transforming Robots - 36 Types, Anime Action Figures 2" Scale


Embark on an epic adventure with the Super Wings Mini Transforming Robots - your ticket to endless fun and imaginative play! These 2" Scale Transforming Toys bring the beloved characters from the 'Super Wings series into your child's hands. Now, your little one can recreate these exciting missions with 36 different types of Anime Action Figures that transform from vehicles to bots in three easy steps!


Key Features:

🤖 Transforming Marvels: Watch the magic unfold as these 2" scale figures transform from vehicles to bots, mimicking the iconic scenes from the 'Super Wings series.

🎉 Variety Galore: With 36 different types to collect, each character brings unique charm and personality to the playtime adventure.

🌈 Easy Transformation: Designed for preschoolers, the Transform-a-Bots make transforming a breeze with simple, intuitive steps that foster independent play.

🌐 Global Adventures: Immerse your child in Super Wings, where every delivery sparks a new problem-solving mission, promoting creativity and critical thinking.

🌟 Product Information: 🛠 Material: Crafted from durable ABS material for long-lasting play.

🎁 Condition: 100% brand new, ensuring a pristine experience out of the box.

📏 Size: The figure shows a measurement tolerance range between 10mm due to manual measurement.

📦 Package Weight: A lightweight 0.04kg package ensures easy handling and storage.



  • Material: High-quality, durable ABS material.
  • Condition: Brand new, ready for immediate play straight out of the box.
  • Size: Compact 2" scale figures with a measurement tolerance of 10mm.
  • Package Weight: Feather-light at only 0.04kg for effortless handling and storage.


The Super Wings Mini Transforming Robots aren't just toys but a passport to a universe of creativity, problem-solving, and joy for children aged three and above. Whether for playing out favorite scenes or creating new adventures, these toys will surely captivate and inspire. Perfect for seasoned fans and newcomers to the 'Super Wings' world, these Transform-a-Bots are a must-have for any young explorer.



Q: Are these toys suitable for toddlers? 
A: Absolutely! Designed for ages three and up, they're ideal for young Super Wings enthusiasts.

Q: How many figures are in the set? 
A: There are 36 distinct Transform-a-Bot figures to collect, each with unique charm.

Q: Is the transformation process complicated? 
A: Not at all. The figures are designed for easy transformation and are suitable for preschoolers.

Q: What is the size of each figure? 
A: Each figure is a 2" scale model, with slight variations due to manual measurement.

Q: What material are the toys made of? 
A: They are crafted from durable ABS material, ensuring long-lasting play.

Embark on a journey of imagination and adventure. Add the Super Wings Mini Transforming Robots to your collection today, and let your child's playtime take flight! 🌟✈️🤖


Customer Reviews

Based on 146 reviews
Joelle Bogan

Good plastic I liked

Mafalda Johnson

The toy is original, the package is like DM, the size is as described, it came quickly.

Randall Beahan

Original, with "numbers and Emblem". Comes in an open package like in DM. The size is mini as described, very comfortable for baby.

Jordon Nolan

It's all great. Original. Came quickly.

Keely Fahey

Good stuff arrives faster than you think