Stunt Walking Robot Dog: Remote Control Pet Toy


Embark on a futuristic journey of fun and learning with the Stunt Walking Robot Dog – your very own Remote Control Pet Toy. This isn't just a plaything; it's a gateway to a world of intelligent interactions and creative coding opportunities. Discover the perfect blend of technology and entertainment to delight kids and adults alike.


Key Features:

🐾 Realistic Dog-Like Behavior: Watch in amazement as the robotic dog performs stunts, barks playfully, and responds to touch with cute voices and movements, offering an experience close to having a natural pet.

🤖 Coding for Kids: Foster your child's coding skills as they program the dog to remember up to 100 commands, turning playtime into an educational opportunity.

🎮 Interactive Play Modes: Enjoy fun activities, including push-ups, sit-down commands, a 'follow me' feature, and an easy-to-use stop function for interactive and engaging playtime.

💃 Dance and Music Features: Light up any gathering with three dance routines and children's songs, making the robot dog a hit at parties and family events.


  • Memory Capacity: Up to 100 commands
  • Interactive Features: Touch response, Follow mode, Stop function
  • Entertainment Options: Stunt performances, three dance routines, Pre-loaded children's songs
  • Control: Remote controlled
  • Recommended Age: Suitable for children and adults


The Stunt Walking Robot Dog isn't just a toy; it's a companion that brings the future of interactive play into your home. It's an ideal blend of fun, education, and technology, designed to kindle the imagination and creativity in everyone. Whether for coding practice, interactive play, or just enjoying a dance, this robotic pet is an unmatched addition to your family's playtime.



Q: How easy is it to program the robot dog?

The robot dog is designed to be user-friendly, making programming fun and easy for children and adults alike.

Q: Is the toy suitable for very young children? It's an excellent fit for children with a basic understanding of remote controls, and parental guidance is recommended for younger children.

Q: How durable is the robot dog?

Built with high-quality materials, the robot dog is designed to withstand regular play but should be handled with care.

Q: Can the robot dog be It's outdoors?

It's best used indoors or on smooth surfaces to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Q: What is the battery life, and are batteries included?

Battery life varies based on usage, and batteries may need to be purchased separately.

🚀 Ready for a unique blend of fun and learning? Order your Stunt Walking Robot Dog now and watch as playtime becomes an extraordinary adventure! 🚀


Customer Reviews

Based on 158 reviews
Adolfo Reilly

Tested it and it works great :)

Gregg Strosin

High quality, worth the money

Florine Oberbrunner

It is a good product for the price.

Quinn Auer

Well received.

Marcelle Pacocha

It would have been nice to have an ear or tail on the chest and belly.
On the toy-bound floor, the rear wheels cannot change direction. It works well on the dry floor, and this will bump the area when you are doing your sates.
That's a shame.