The Spiderman PVC Action Figure Collectible Model Toy

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Step into the world of superheroes with our Spiderman PVC Action Figure. This 14cm collectible model is a faithful recreation of the beloved web-slinger from the comics and movies, offering fans and collectors a piece of Marvel magic. Perfect for display and interactive play, this figure is a testament to Spiderman's enduring legacy.


Key Features:

🎨 Authentic Design: Inspired by Spiderman's iconic appearance, featuring a high-quality paint job.
💪 Durable PVC Material: Built for longevity, withstands playtime adventures.

🤸 14 Points of Articulation: Enables posing in various dynamic action stances.

🕸️ Web-Slinging Accessories: Comes with two attachable spider webs for enhanced play.

📏 Ideal Size: 14cm in height, perfect for play and display.

🏆 Collector-Friendly: A must-have addition to any superhero collection.



  • Height: 14cm
  • Material: PVC
  • Articulation Points: 14
  • Accessories: Two Spider Webs


The Spiderman PVC Action Figure is a versatile and engaging collectible that offers a slice of the Marvel Universe. It's an excellent choice for collectors and fans, and as a gift, blending detailed craftsmanship with playful functionality.



Q: Is this figure suitable for children? 
A: Yes, but it's especially popular with collectors and older children.

Q: Can the figure stand unassisted? 
A: Absolutely, it can stand in various poses due to its articulation.

Q: Is this an authorized Marvel product? 
A: Indeed, it is an officially licensed Marvel collectible.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Brett Gislason

the right arm is a little lose and not fitting but it's not too to bad so I'll give the seller another try.

Marcus Bayer

Box was damaged, other then that, 10/10 figure

Cole Bayer

Package came all beat up the left arm was very loose

Hilbert Denesik

Paint apps were amazing. No real loose joints to the point it was falling off. Minor hiccups yes like extra plastic but for a KO this fig is stellar. Just tighten some joints & your good to go!

Magdalena Hahn

It is good to leave on a piece of furniture, but it is not enough for children to play, it is dismantled very easily