Soft Touch Reborn Baby Doll - Removable Hairdress & Clothes

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It introduces the enchanting Soft Touch Reborn Baby Doll, an adorable companion that promises to bring a world of imagination and comfort into your home. This 12-inch lifelike doll, designed with precision and care, is more than just a toy; it's a heartwarming addition to any child's life or a delightful gift for those seeking a charming companion.


Key Features:

🎀 Fashionable and Customizable: Comes with a stylish rose red dress (Q12G-006C-026) or a cute two-piece dress (Q12G-007C-026), allowing for delightful dress-up sessions.

🧸 Soft and Safe Material: Crafted from high-quality, harmless PVC vinyl, ensuring a soft touch and safety for children and the environment.

👁️ Lifelike Acrylic Eyes: Beautiful, high-quality acrylic eyes that add depth and personality to the doll, though they do not blink.

💇 Hairdressing Fun: Children can enjoy hairdressing the doll with various hair accessories, adding to the fun and interactivity.

🔄 Flexible Structure: Features rotating joints in the arms, legs, and head for various poses, enhancing playtime realism.



  • Height: Approximately 30cm/11.8in
  • Material: High-quality vinyl
  • Gender: Unisex, suitable for baby kids, boys, and girls
  • Craftsmanship: Manual, with hand painting


The Soft Touch Reborn Baby Doll is a toy and a cherished companion that grows with your child. Its combination of safety, flexibility, and fashion makes it an ideal gift for children or a comforting presence for older people. Its unique features promote creativity, companionship, and emotional development in a fun and engaging way.



Q: Can the doll's eyes blink? 

A: No, the eyes are made of high-quality acrylic and do not blink.

Q: Is the doll's clothing washable?

A: Yes, the clothes are removable and can be cleaned.

Q: Is this doll suitable for very young children?

A: Absolutely! Its harmless material and soft touch make it safe for children of all ages.

Q: Can the doll stand or talk?

A: The doll is not designed to stand or talk but has a flexible structure for various poses.

Q: Are there any color variations due to lighting?

A: Yes, the actual color of the doll may vary slightly from the pictures due to the monitor and light effects.

Bring home this delightful Soft Touch Reborn Baby Doll today and watch as it becomes a treasured part of your family! 🌈👶🎁


Customer Reviews

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Rubie Bins

Good for your price, comes without box

Damien Mann

Beautiful Dolly. Thank you.

Lola Reichert

A good doll I advise

Wellington MacGyver

My daughter likes everything right

Elva Connelly

It's not as a reborn baby is harder, but it's pretty