Snail Spraying Faucet Bath Toy, Electric Water Game for Babies


Delight Your Little One with Endless Fun: Dive into the world of aquatic amusement with our Snail Spraying Faucet Bath Toy! Designed for babies and toddlers, this charming and colorful snail-shaped toy transforms bath time into a thrilling water adventure. Ideal for ages 0-6 years, it promises to make every splash more exciting and educational.


Key Features:

🐌 Adorable Snail Design: Captivates your child's imagination, making bath time a joyful experience.

💦 Water Spraying Function: Electrically powered to create a mesmerizing water spray, keeping your little one entertained and engaged.

🛡️ Safe and Durable Material: Made from high-quality ABS plastic, ensuring a safe, non-toxic, and long-lasting playtime companion.

🎓 3C Certified: Assures the toy meets rigorous Safety and quality standards.

🚫 Safety First: Comes with a 'NO EAT' warning to ensure your child's Safety during play.



  • Recommended Age: Suitable for children aged 0-3 years and 3-6 years.
  • Material: Non-toxic ABS Plastic.
  • Type: Water Spraying Tool.
  • Model Number: LYY06.
  • Gender: Unisex.
  • Type Number: 2021050602548987 – signifies compliance with specific standards.

Elevate your child's bath time with the Snail Spraying Faucet Bath Toy! It's not just a toy; it's an interactive experience that blends fun with sensory development. Perfect for little hands to explore and enjoy, it's a must-have for making bath time a day's highlight.



Q: Is this toy safe for infants?

A: Absolutely! Made with baby-safe ABS plastic, it's designed for the youngest users.

Q: Does it require batteries?

A: Yes, it is electrically powered. Please refer to the product manual for specific battery requirements.

Q: How does the water spraying feature work?

A: The toy uses electric power to pump water, creating a gentle and captivating spray effect.

Q: Can this toy be used in pools or only in bathtubs?

A: It's primarily designed for bathtubs but can be used in any shallow water setting, like baby pools.

Q: Is there any warranty or return policy?

A: Please check with the retailer for their specific warranty and return policies regarding this product.

Bring home the Snail Spraying Faucet Bath Toy today and watch your child's bath time become an exciting and educational water expedition! 🐌💧🛁


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Victoria Kerluke

Really cute

Amara Gibson

Good material, arrived just in time, it is battery powered the bad thing is that they run out fast but good product

Faye West


Kyle Wehner

Great product

Vidal Emard

Delivery was not made in 10 days. The product is as described, a little noisy