Sank French Magic Practice Book: Learn Letters, Numbers & Drawing for Kids


Explore the Magical World of Learning with Sank French Magic Practice Book! It is ideal for children who revel in drawing, writing, and discovering new languages. This engaging Children's Magic Copybook opens up a world of educational fun and creativity, perfectly tailored for young learners aged 3 to 8.


Key Features:

🌐 Multilingual Adventures: Available in English, French, German, Arabic, and Chinese, this book is a gateway to global learning, ideal for budding polyglots.

🖋️ Magic Writing Pen: Our innovative pen makes every page reusable, disappearing briefly to create a fresh canvas for continuous practice.

✨ 3D Groove Design: A unique feature that aids in perfecting writing skills, making learning standard formats fun and effective.

🎨 Vibrant Designs to Enhance Memory: Eye-catching colors and intriguing graphics captivate and boost memory and curiosity.

🎁 All-Inclusive Gift Set: Comes with a charming pencil case, five pen refills, and a pen holder, ensuring extended enjoyment and learning.

📚 Durable and Fun: Made from sturdy white cardboard, designed to add joy to everyday learning.



  • Age Range: 3-8 Years
  • Material: Durable White Cardboard
  • Languages: English, French, German, Arabic, Chinese
  • Included Accessories: Pencil Case, 5 Pen Refills, Pen Holding Tool


The Sank French Magic Practice Book is more than just a workbook; it's a magical journey into learning and creativity. Watch your child's skills blossom as they embark on an adventure filled with linguistic discoveries, artistic expression, and endless fun. Ideal for nurturing young minds!



Q: Is the book suitable for beginners in language learning? 
A: It's designed for children beginning their language-learning journey.

Q: How long does it take for the ink to disappear?
A: The ink vanishes within 10 minutes, allowing for repeated practice.

Q: Is this book appropriate for left-handed children?
A: Absolutely! Its design is suitable for both left and right-handed users.

Embrace the joy of learning with the Sank French Magic Practice Book. Get yours today and ignite a lifelong love for learning in your child! 🌸


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Sank French Magic Practice Book: Learn Letters, Numbers & Drawing for Kids

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