S12 Hands-Free Electric Breast Pump - Portable, Wireless Wearable


Embark on a seamless and empowering breastfeeding journey with the S12 Hands-Free Electric Breast Pump. Tailored for the dynamic lifestyle of modern mothers, this cutting-edge, wearable breast pump combines convenience, comfort, and efficiency. Whether you're a career-focused mom, a multitasker at home, or simply seeking an effortless pumping experience, the S12 is engineered to align with your unique needs.


Key Features:

🔋 USB Rechargeable: Enjoy the flexibility of easy charging with a USB cable, available for both single and double pump options.

👚 Bra Adjustment Buckle: Achieve the perfect fit and discreet pumping with our inclusive bra adjustment buckle.

📚 User-Friendly Manual: Our straightforward guide allows you to navigate setup and usage easily.

🕒 Efficient Milk Expression: Save precious time with our rapid milk expression technology, available in both single and double pump configurations.

🍼 Ideal for Milk Storage: Learn the best practices for breast milk storage, keeping your baby's nutrition safe and secure.

🛡️ Safe & Hygienic: Prioritize your baby's health with our emphasis on hand hygiene and proper milk storage techniques.

🌡️ Warm Milk Feature: Thaw and warm breast milk effortlessly for a soothing feeding experience.

💼 Portability Perfected: Lightweight and compact, the S12 ensures you can pump anytime, anywhere.

🚫 Pain-Free Promise: Experience comfortable, gentle pumping without any discomfort to breasts or nipples.



  • Charging: USB cable (included)
  • Pump Options: Single or Double
  • Fit: Customizable with Bra Adjustment Buckle
  • Milk Storage Guidelines: Included
  • Safety Standards: Emphasizes hygiene and proper storage
  • Unique Feature: Milk warming
  • Design: Portable, Lightweight, Wearable

The S12 Hands-Free Electric Breast Pump is more than just a product; it's a revolution in the breastfeeding world. Embrace the liberty it brings to your motherhood journey, making each step as nurturing and comfortable as it deserves. Break free from the constraints of traditional pumps and step into the era of convenience with S12.



Q: How long does the battery last? 
A: The battery life varies based on usage, but it's designed to last for several sessions on a single charge.

Q: Is the S12 suitable for all body types?
A: Absolutely! The bra adjustment buckle allows customization for a wide range of body types.

Q: Can I clean the S12 easily?
A: The S12 is designed for easy cleaning to maintain hygiene and safety.

Don't let traditional pumping methods hold you back. Add the S12 Hands-Free Electric Breast Pump to your cart today and transform your breastfeeding experience! 🛒💕


Customer Reviews

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Quinten Grimes

Very good

Birdie Raynor

A perfect product is worth every shekel, amlitz it all gives birth

Juwan Pollich

Excellent product! Almost do not produce noise!

Laurianne Christiansen

Fast delivery. 15 days c really beautiful. Thank you very much. Quality product

Lynn Waelchi

Arrived very fast and well packed I still haven't tried it