Rainbow Animal Matching Game: Montessori Sensory Toy


Dive into a world of color and exploration with our delightful Animal Model Educational Toys! Watch your child's imagination and skills soar with every match and giggle.


Key Features:

🔵 Colorful Play: With hues from radiant red to deep blue, boost your child's color recognition most delightfully.

🐬 Animal Encounters: Whether sea creatures or jungle explorers, each animal model sparks curiosity and stories.

✋ Motor Skill Magic: As fingers grasp, match, and play, witness the blossoming of fine motor skills.

🛡️ Safety First: Made from top-notch, non-toxic plastic, ensuring hours of safe play.

⚠️ Special Note: While our set is brimming with color, please know that the extra pink and turquoise green animals do not have matching bowls.



  • Original Packaging
  • Six vibrant bowls (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple)
  • An assortment of adorable animal models


🌟 This Rainbow Animal Matching Game is more than play; it's a stepping stone to learning and growth. Every match and giggle is a moment of joy and memory, nurturing your child's imagination and skills. And remember, if you ever face an issue, we're just a message away. Here's to happy playing and even happier learning!



Q: Is this toy suitable for toddlers?

A: Absolutely! Our Rainbow Animal Matching Game is designed to enhance early learning and fine motor skills, making it perfect for toddlers and young children.

Q: Are the materials safe for my child?

A: Yes, we prioritize Safety. This toy is made from high-quality, non-toxic plastic, ensuring it's safe for your child to play with.

Q: How many animal models are included?

A: You'll receive a delightful assortment of animal models in each set, sparking your child's curiosity and imagination.

Join us in celebrating the joy of learning and play. Your child's satisfaction and development are our top priorities. Prepare for a day filled with color, imagination, and endless smiles! 🌟🌈🎈


Customer Reviews

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Hardy Tromp

Is the third one I buy, great quality and perfect size, recommend the seller.

Dusty Doyle

reçu rapidement

Blanche Leffler

So cute I would recommend for kids that are not putting

Chyna Keebler

Good quality, I had already bought and repeated

Charles Dickens

Perfect I love very good quality my daughter love this game I recommend it