Foldable Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoop Set for Kids

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Introducing the QDRAGON Foldable Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoop Set for Kids – your gateway to endless indoor and outdoor basketball excitement, customized especially for your little ones! Whether you want to nurture the next basketball prodigy or create unforgettable family bonding moments through recreational play, our foldable, wall-mounted hoop is the ultimate addition to any child's room, backyard, or poolside.


Key Features:

🔥 Versatility Galore: This hoop is incredibly adaptable and suitable for indoor and outdoor setups. Whether hanging on a bedroom door or basking in the sun by the pool, the joy of basketball is always within reach!

🏅 Educational & Entertaining: Playing basketball isn't just about fun; it's a fantastic way to enhance jumping, shooting, and overall fitness levels, helping your kids grow both physically and mentally.

📣 Cheers & More Cheers: Each successful basket elicits exhilarating cheers and applause, replicating the thrill of a live game. (Model B even includes a built-in scoreboard for added excitement!)

🎖 Premium Build: Crafted with solid iron and a sturdy steel rim, our hoop can withstand countless games and practices. The spring-loaded support system allows your little star to practice slam dunks like the pros.

🌟 Space-Efficient: Worried about space? Don't be! The foldable design ensures it won't take up unnecessary room when not in use, making it a practical addition to any space.

🔧 Hassle-free Setup: Our easy hook design eliminates the need for drilling – hang it up, and you're ready to play. Plus, the shockproof sponge at the back ensures your doors remain scratch-free and minimizes noise.

🎁 Gift of Joy: Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, or Halloween, the QDRAGON Basketball Hoop is the ideal gift for boys and girls aged 3-12. It's a present that promises hours of excitement and smiles.



  • Material: Solid iron and sturdy steel rim
  • Age Range: 3-12 years
  • Model Options: A (standard) and B (includes built-in scoreboard)
  • Installation: Easy hook design, no drilling required
  • Space-Saving: Foldable design
  • Suitable for Indoor and outdoor use

Why wait any longer? Bring the electrifying atmosphere of the basketball court right into your home or backyard. Ignite the spirit of friendly competition and witness joyful memories unfold. Dive into endless hours of fun, practice, and friendly games with the QDRAGON Mini Basketball Hoop. Order now, and let the games begin! 🏀🎉



Q: Is drilling required for installation?

A: No, our easy hook design allows for a hassle-free setup without drilling. Plus, the shockproof sponge protects your doors and minimizes noise.

Q: What age range is this hoop suitable for?

A: The QDRAGON Basketball Hoop is designed for boys and girls aged 3-12, making it perfect for young basketball enthusiasts.

Q: What materials is the hoop made of?

A: The hoop is crafted with solid iron and features a sturdy steel rim for durability and long-lasting play.

Q: Does it come with a scoreboard?

A: Yes, Model B includes a built-in scoreboard for added excitement and tracking of your child's progress during games.





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Foldable Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoop Set for Kids

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Great right. Worth the Money

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The kids like it.

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Well received. She likes it.

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Very good Thank you