55CM Full Body Silicone Reborn Doll - Princess Betty, Christmas Gift

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Dive into the world of lifelike dolls with Princess Betty. Standing at a graceful 22 inches (55cm) and weighing approximately 2.1 pounds (1.3kg), she's a picture of perfection crafted from full-body silicone vinyl. Not only does she feel soft and realistic, but her flexibility also makes her entirely poseable. From head to toe, move her any way you like!


Key Features:

🌸 Water-Friendly: Betty loves bath time! Her unique construction allows her to be completely submerged, making playtime even more fun.

🌸 Beautiful Hair: Her wig hair isn't just stunning—it's stable and a breeze to maintain.

🌸 Fashion Forward: She arrives in an exquisite dress, identical to the one shown in the pictures. Plus, changing her outfit is simple! Any clothing sized for 0-3 month-old babies will fit Betty perfectly.

🌸 Gift Set: Princess Betty doesn't come alone. Along with this beautiful doll, you'll also receive a pacifier, feeding bottle, and a special certificate to mark her authenticity.



  • Height: 22 inches (55cm)
  • Weight: 2.1 pounds (1.3kg)
  • Material: Full-body silicone vinyl
  • Hair: Wig, easy to maintain
  • Clothing: Fits 0-3 month baby sizes

Princess Betty isn't just a doll; she's a bundle of joy wrapped in silicone vinyl. Ideal for collectors, as a gift, or as a cherished playmate, she's sure to bring warmth and a royal touch to any home. Let her be your shining star this Christmas! 🎁👑✨



Q: Can Princess Betty be bathed regularly? 
A: Her water-friendly design makes her perfect for bathtime fun.

Q: Is the hair challenging to care for?
A: Not at all! Her wig hair is designed for easy maintenance.

Q: What size clothes does Betty wear?
A: She fits into any clothing sized for 0-3 month-old babies.

Q: Does she come with any accessories?

A: Yes, Betty arrives with a pacifier, feeding bottle, and a certificate of authenticity.

Today, bring home Princess Betty and experience the magic of a lifelike doll! 🌸👶✨


Customer Reviews

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Jonathon Ernser

55CM Full Body Silicone Reborn Girl Doll - Princess Betty, Christmas Gift

Shawna Hackett

Beautiful, the only thing that clothes are a little flimsy

Braulio Erdman


Nestor Muller

The doll is beautiful!!!

Madie Feest