Postpartum Survival Bundle

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The Postpartum Survival Bundle is the perfect support gift for a new mom navigating the fourth trimester. This period can be challenging, with sleep deprivation, postpartum recovery, and the transition to motherhood. Show your love and encouragement with a bundle to uplift and support her. 


Key Features:

🧲 Affirmation Magnet: A daily reminder of her strength and resilience.

🍫 Belgian Chocolate Bar: A sweet treat to boost her spirits.

🌸 Shower Mist Duo: Morning and evening mists with uplifting scents and messages.

🎩 Mama Knows Hat: A chic accessory for those busy days.


  • Affirmation Magnet: Durable material with an inspirational message.
  • Belgian Chocolate Bar: Premium Belgian chocolate, 100g.
  • Morning Shower Mist: Refreshing citrus blend, 100ml.
  • Evening Shower Mist: Soothing lavender blend, 100ml.
  • Mama Knows Hat: One size fits all, adjustable strap, breathable fabric.

Support the new mom in your life with the Postpartum Survival Bundle. Thoughtfully curated to provide comfort, encouragement, and a touch of self-care, it's the perfect way to show you care. Order now and help her navigate this unique journey with confidence and love.



Q: What are the scents in the Shower Mist Duo?

A: The Morning Shower Mist has a refreshing citrus blend, while the Evening Shower Mist features a soothing lavender blend.

Q: Is the Mama Knows Hat adjustable?

A: The Mama Knows Hat has an adjustable strap to ensure a comfortable fit for everyone.

Q: What material is the Affirmation Magnet made of?

A:  The Affirmation Magnet is made of durable material to withstand daily use and provide long-lasting inspiration.

Transform the postpartum experience for a new mom with the thoughtful and supportive Postpartum Survival Bundle. Order yours today!


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