Paisible 4WD RC Car with Bubble Machine - Rock Crawler Toy


Get ready for an action-packed journey with the Paisible 4WD RC Car! This isn't just any remote-controlled car - it's your ultimate adventure companion, blending the excitement of a rock crawler with the whimsical fun of a bubble machine. Choose between the classic Model 5514 or the upgraded Model PP5514, each designed to take your playtime to new heights. Whether climbing steep gradients or creating a bubbly spectacle, the Paisible 4WD RC Car promises endless fun and adventure.


Key Features:

🚗 Model 5514 - The Classic Adventure Seeker:

🌟 4WD Rock Crawler: Tackle any terrain with ease.

🌟 Real LED Light: Light up your path for nighttime adventures.
🌟 Authentic Spare Tire: Adds a realistic touch to your exploration.
🌟 45° Climbing Gradient: Master even the steepest of slopes.
🌟 Rechargeable Battery: Enjoy 30 minutes of uninterrupted action.
🌟 2.4GHz Remote Control: Race without any interference. 

🚗 Model PP5514 - The Ultimate Upgrade:

🌟 Bubble Spray Function: Add a splash of bubbly fun.
🌟 Enhanced Battery Options: Choose for extended playtime.
🌟 Extended Playtime: Up to 120 minutes of continuous enjoyment.
🌟 Quality Construction: Durable Metal+ABS Plastic build.



  • Construction: Metal+ABS Plastic for durability and longevity.
  • Charging Time: Just 2 hours for full charge.
  • Functions: Forward/Backward, Turn Left/Right, LED lighting, Bubble Spray (PP5514 only).
  • Shipping: Secure battery placement for safe transportation.


🌟 The Paisible 4WD RC Car is more than just a toy; it's a gateway to adventures and memories that will last a lifetime. With its robust build, versatile features, and the unique addition of a bubble machine, it redefines the meaning of playtime. Whether for a child or an RC enthusiast, it promises excitement and joy at every turn.



Q: What's the difference between the two models?

A: Model 5514 offers classic rock crawling fun, while Model PP5514 adds a bubble machine and enhanced battery options for extended playtime.

Q: How long do the batteries last?

A: Playtime can range from 30 to 120 minutes, depending on the model and battery choice.

Q: Is it suitable for nighttime play?

A: Absolutely! The LED lights ensure your adventure doesn't end when the sun goes down.

🛒 Ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure? Grab your Paisible 4WD RC Car today and redefine the way you play! 🚗✨


Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Floyd Willms

I bought it as a gift for my nephew.
I was worried that there would be a bad problem, but it worked normally.

Richmond Dickens

Product as well as I wanted, I recommend everyone to buy

Leilani Konopelski

The car is excellent, passable. The speed is decent. As soon as they took it from the checkpoint, they immediately installed the battery in the car, the batteries in the remote control (bought it), went out into the street and drove home). Temperature 1 Celsius, snow porridge underfoot, but the machine confidently passed obstacles if it did not sit on the bottom)) in this mode we drove for about a kilometer, then set the second battery and then drove) I am very satisfied with the product and my son! I recommend the seller and the product.

Mozell Baumbach

Well arrived. It's still before the test, so the performance is later

Aglae Leuschke

Car 5 stars, remote 2