Octopus & Baby Shark Bath Toys with Zipper Play Feature


Dive into a world of underwater fun with our Zipper Play Water Octopus! 🐙 Let your little ones embark on a sea adventure right in the comfort of their bath with this captivating bath toy. Crafted from high-quality plastic, this friendly Octopus is designed to delight children aged three and above. Watch as it crawls on the ground when wound up, adding an element of playfulness to every bath time.


Key Features:

🌟 Zipper Play Fun: Turn bath time into a thrilling escapade with the unique Zipper Play feature. Wind up the chain and watch as the Octopus glides and crawls, creating an entertaining spectacle for your little ones.

🚿 Versatile Water Play: Take the underwater adventure to the next level! This charming Octopus isn't just limited to crawling on the ground; it can also float in the water. Make bath time a splash with this dual-function bath toy.

🎨 Vibrant Colors: The Zipper Play Water Octopus is a delightful combination of Blue & Purple, adding a pop of color to your child's bath routine. The vibrant hues stimulate the visual senses, making bath time a feast for the eyes.

📏 Perfect Size: With dimensions of 22.51111cm, our Octopus is ideal for little hands to grasp and play with. Compact yet captivating, it ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for your child.

🚀 Imagination Unleashed: Encourage creativity and imaginative play as your child explores the depths of their Imagination with this adorable bath companion. The Zipper Play Water Octopus is more than a toy; it's a gateway to endless aquatic adventures.



  • Material: High-Quality Plastic
  • Recommended Age: 3 years and above
  • Dimensions: 22.51111cm
  • Colors: Blue & Purple


The Zipper Play Water Octopus is more than just a toy; it's a portal to a world of Imagination and fun. Foster your child's creativity and watch them dive into endless aquatic adventures. Don't let this opportunity swim away – make bath time a memorable journey of discovery and joy!



Q: Is the toy safe for young children? 
A: Absolutely! Crafted with child-safe plastic, it's perfect for kids three and up.

Q: Can the Octopus toy float in water?
A: It's designed for both crawling and floating, making it a versatile bath companion.

Q: What is the Zipper Play feature?
A: Zipper Play is a unique wind-up mechanism that allows the Octopus to glide and crawl, adding excitement to bath time.

Q: What are the dimensions of the toy?
A: It measures 22.51111cm and is tailored for easy handling by little ones.

🌈 Embark on a Splashtastic Adventure – Get Your Zipper Play Water Octopus Today! 🛁✨


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