Novelty Prank Scare Spider Box Wooden April Fool's Day Surprise


Unleash the ultimate prank with our Novelty Prank Scare Spider Box, a masterfully crafted wooden box designed to deliver an unforgettable scare! Hidden inside this finely made box is a playful secret – a creepy, crawly spider bound to jump-start the heart of anyone brave enough to open it. It's a perfect blend of fun and fright, ideal for those looking to add a dash of mischief to their day.


Key Features:

🕷️ Three Unique Styles: Choose from styles A, B, or C, each featuring a uniquely creepy spider ready to leap out and elicit screams and laughter.

🕷️ Versatile Fun for All Occasions: Perfect for April Fool's Day pranks, birthday parties, or any festive gathering. This box is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

🕷️ Durable Construction: Built to last with high-quality wood and plastic, ensuring endless pranking possibilities.

🕷️ Accurate Size Representation: The size you see in our pictures is exactly what you get, fitting seamlessly into your prank collection.



  • Material: High-quality wood and plastic
  • Size Variance: Manual measurements may vary by 0.5-2cm
  • Color Accuracy: Slight differences may occur due to monitor settings

Take the chance to own this ultimate prank tool. Limited stock is available! Perfect for the prankster or anyone looking to add excitement to their gatherings. Get your hands on the Novelty Prank Scare Spider Box today and be the life of the party!



Q: Is the spider real?

A: No, the spider is a realistic-looking plastic model designed to startle, not harm.

Q: Can the box be reused for multiple pranks?

A: Absolutely! Our spider box is made for repeated use, ensuring endless fun and laughs.

Q: Is the box suitable for children?

A: While it's a great prank tool, supervision is advised when used by or around children to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Stephon Cole

Funny toy.

Solon Predovic

Although shipping has been slow, it is a well-done joke. It doesn't look like it's going to last long, but it's an effective joke

Amos Pouros

The product works well. It's fun to prank my friends.

Marlene Weissnat

Great for a match :)

Delpha Wilderman

Great many friends were scared