Baby Water Play Mat

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Embark on a fun and educational journey using the New Design Baby Water Play Mat with your little one. Specially crafted to turn tummy time into an interactive experience, this mat combines play with developmental benefits, making it an essential addition to your baby's daily routine.


Key Features:

🌟 Muscle Development: The perfect platform for building head, neck, and shoulder strength, crucial for your baby's growth.

🌟 Motor Skills Enhancement: Engage your baby in playful activities with colorful foam fish, enjoyably enhancing their motor skills.

🌟 High-Quality Material: Constructed from robust, thickened PVC, this mat is leak-proof and safe, ensuring lasting and worry-free play.

🌟 Vivid Imagery: With 34 different designs filled with vibrant foam fish, it stimulates your baby's visual and tactile senses.

🌟 Hand-eye coordination: Encourages the development of hand-eye coordination through interactive play with moving fish.

🌟 Cognitive and Social Skill Building: Aids in developing cognitive abilities and social skills, setting the foundation for future learning.



  • Material: High-grade Thickened PVC
  • Size: Various options (see product images)
  • Designs: Choose from 34 engaging styles
  • Packaging: Original box available as an add-on
  • Package Contents: 1 Inflatable Baby Water Mat
  • Box Dimensions: 15x14x4.5cm
  • Inflator Options: Three types are available for your convenience

The New Design Baby Water Play Mat is more than a toy; it's a developmental platform that combines fun with learning. Whether muscle building or cognitive development, this mat ensures your baby's tummy time is productive and enjoyable. Choose your preferred design and introduce your baby to a world of aquatic wonder!



Q: Is the material safe for babies?

A: Absolutely! Our mats are made from baby-safe, thickened PVC, ensuring a non-toxic and secure environment for your little one.

Q: How do I choose the right size?

A: Refer to our product images for detailed size options. We offer a variety of sizes to accommodate different spaces and baby ages.

Q: Are the designs gender-specific?

A: Our 34 designs are diverse and suitable for all babies. Choose one that you think your baby will love the most!

Q: How easy is it to set up the mat?

A: Setting up is a breeze! Just inflate the mat, fill it with water, and it's ready for playtime.

Make your baby's tummy time a joyful and enriching experience with the New Design Baby Water Play Mat. Pick your favorite design and add fun to your baby's day!



Customer Reviews

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Casandra Klocko

Good size, beautiful colors.
Excellent product and at a good price👌

Dayne Steuber

Good product, compensates for the quality against the price.

Mae Bogisich

I still don't fill it, but I hope I don't have Vind o I paid for my BB to use, but it's still very young, it will take a while.
I recommend to work.

Stanford Bruen

Same product as advertised, I recommend.

Elody Sporer

хороший матрас, стоит своих денег, рекомендую.