Coolplay Musical Piano Mat: Educational Kids Floor Toy


It introduces the Coolplay Musical Piano Mat – the ultimate educational kid's floor toy to ignite your child's passion for music and creativity! With 17 piano function keys, five exciting play modes, and eight unique instrument sounds, this mat is more than just a toy; it's a gateway to a magical world of melodies. Whether your little one is a budding Beethoven or just looking for foot-tapping fun, this mat is the perfect companion for their musical journey.


Key Features:

🕺 Dance to Your Tune: Turn every step, hop, and twirl into a musical masterpiece. This mat transforms movements into melodies, encouraging creativity, coordination, and confidence in your child.

🎤 Record & Play Back: Capture those spontaneous compositions and cherish them forever. Share your child's musical moments with loved ones.

👣 Safety First: Crafted with ultra-soft, anti-slip fabric, our mat ensures your child's comfort and safety while they dance and play.

🌟 Easy to Use & Portable: Sized perfectly at 43.3 inches by 14 inches, it's excellent for indoor playdates or outdoor picnics. When you're done, fold it to a compact 12.5 inches by 6 inches, slide it into your bag, and take it anywhere!

🔋 Battery Tips: Opt for 1.5V AA non-rechargeable batteries (carbon or zinc manganese types are ideal). Avoid mixing old with new or different battery types, and keep the mat away from high temperatures. Remove the batteries if not used for a while to preserve their life.



  • Mat Dimensions: 43.3" x 14" (unfolded), 12.5" x 6" (folded)
  • Batteries: 1.5V AA non-rechargeable (not included)


Whether your child dreams of becoming a future musician or want to enjoy some musical fun, the Coolplay Musical Piano Mat is the ideal gift. This educational toy fosters creativity, coordination, and confidence, all while ensuring your child's safety and comfort. Don't wait any longer – dive into a musical adventure with your child and let the tunes take you to new heights of joy and inspiration! 🎵🎉



Q: What ages is this mat suitable for?

A: The Coolplay Musical Piano Mat suits children aged three and up.

Q: Are batteries included with the mat?

A: No, the mat requires 1.5V AA non-rechargeable batteries, which are not included.

Q: Is the mat easy to clean?

A: The mat's surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth, making maintenance a breeze.

Q: Can multiple children play on the mat at the same time?

A: The large mat size allows multiple children to play and dance together, promoting social interaction and fun!


Customer Reviews

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Bradford Jones

i love it, and it looks the same as the photos and the description. it was a fast shipping. However, it was a few days late, but it's understandable because of 11.11 sales. overall, i do recommend buying.

Newton Prosacco

I charm very didactic and with many sounds

Thomas Harber

Good Purchase

Kim Lesch

Yshov three tizhni. Whiglyadav Garno. In robots do not take off

Morgan Barton

The volume is very low, the rest excellent