Wooden Montessori Multiplication Board Game: Math Educational Toy


Introducing our Wooden Montessori Multiplication Board Game, the perfect math educational toy to ignite your child's passion for learning! Crafted with Montessori principles, this game is designed to make math exciting and interactive. Watch as your little one dives into the magical world of multiplication, colors, and numbers while enhancing their hand-eye coordination. Say goodbye to traditional math lessons and welcome joyful learning with this engaging board game.


Key Features:

📚 Montessori Magic: Built on Montessori principles, our game offers an intellectually enlightening experience for both home and school use.

🌈 Colors & Numbers: Beyond multiplication, it introduces vibrant colors and boosts hand-eye coordination.

😄 Joyful Learning: Transform math lessons into delightful playtimes, fueling your child's love for learning.



  • Name: 99 Multiplication Table
  • Material: Durable, child-safe wood.
  •  Age Bracket: Designed for children aged 2 to 8 years.
  • Package Contents: Includes a sturdy bottom plate, four adorable fraction men, two dice for continuous fun, and 100 intriguing cards.
  • Handy Size: Measures 22.5*22.5CM, making it portable and easy to store.


🌟 Elevate your child's math learning to an exciting expedition with our Wooden Montessori Multiplication Board Game! Whether a thrilling Dice Duel or a Card Quest, this game encourages active participation and a deeper understanding of math concepts. Don't wait—secure your board game now and witness your child enthusiastically embrace math's beauty. Learning has never been this much fun!



Q: Is this product safe for children?

A: Absolutely! Our Wooden Montessori Multiplication Board Game is made from durable, child-safe wood materials to ensure your child's safety during play.

Q: What is the recommended age range for this game?

A: This game is ideally suited for children aged 2 to 8 years, making it ideal for early math education.

Q: What's included in the package?

A: The package includes a robust bottom plate, four cute fraction men, two dice for continuous fun, and 100 intriguing cards, providing hours of entertainment and learning.

Q: Can I expect variations in the product's color and design?

A: Yes, due to screen variances and random card patterns, there might be slight differences in product colors and card designs, adding an element of surprise to your child's experience.




Customer Reviews

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Taryn Gerlach

Ordered on 26 November and received at home in France on 6 December, the game is p-compliant and excellent. I recommend this seller and this product.

Karlie Sanford

Unfortunately, there is no guide to the game. Otherwise everything is top

Dina Hahn

All right.

Mae Hartmann

Kids love it. Thank you

Cary Altenwerth