Montessori Wooden Math Puzzle: Kids' Educational Toy


 Unlock the magic of numbers and pave the way for your child's mathematical journey with our Montessori Wooden Math Puzzle. 🧩✨


Key Features:

🌳 Crafted with Love and Precision: Made of premium wood, this puzzle is designed to entertain and withstand the curious hands of little learners.

👧👦 Age is Just a Number: Every child is covered, whether 3 or 12. This versatile puzzle caters to the budding mathematician in every kid between 3-12 years.

🚹🚺 For Every Little Genius: Gender-neutral design ensures it fits all children perfectly. Every child deserves the chance to shine!

🔥 Safety First: While curiosity did kill the cat, we ensure it won't harm your child. Please keep this toy away from fire. Safety is our paramount concern.

🔢 Learn While Playing: Engage, intrigue, and educate. The Montessori approach focuses on hands-on learning and self-directed activity. Your child will discover the joy of numbers most playfully with our puzzle.

🌐 Certified Quality: With CE Certification, rest assured you're bringing home an educational toy that meets international standards.



  • Material: Premium Wood
  • Age Range: 3-12 years
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Safety: Keep away from fire
  • Certification: CE Certification


Elevate your child's mathematical journey with the Montessori Wooden Math Puzzle. It's more than just a toy; it's a gateway to a world of discovery. Crafted with care, designed for all, and certified for quality and Safety, this puzzle ensures that learning numbers is an exciting adventure. Order today and transform math lessons into playtime, one puzzle piece at a time. 🎉📚🧮



Q: Is this puzzle suitable for my 5-year-old?

A: Absolutely! Our Montessori Wooden Math Puzzle is designed for kids aged 3-12, making it a perfect fit for your 5-year-old's learning journey.

Q: How do I ensure my child's Safety while playing with this toy?

A: Safety is paramount. Please keep the puzzle away from fire and ensure your child plays under supervision.

Q: What is the Montessori approach, and why is it beneficial for learning math?

A: The Montessori approach focuses on hands-on learning and self-directed activity, making math more engaging and enjoyable for children and helping them grasp concepts more effectively.





Customer Reviews

Based on 384 reviews
Britney Bednar

It is very beautiful, the pieces come as is in the image and they are beautiful. Has arrived very quickly to Seville (Spain). What I have to say is that they are very small more pieces and the complete product. But it's not bad.

Hayden Legros

Very happy with my purchase-exactly what I was looking for. Quick delivery, excellent description and pictures on aliexpress. Thank you!

Geraldine Johnson

My son loved

Ozzie Padberg

There are some colors that do not match the color of the corresponding figure

Kristin Rippin

The pieces are great very well and everything is perfect, it arrived a bit late but it was worth it.