Montessori Magnetic Pen Ball Game: Sensory Educational Toy


Unleash the world of sensory learning and adventure for your child with this captivating toy. It's the ultimate addition to your child's playtime, designed to blend fun and education seamlessly.


Key Features:

👦👧 Age Compatibility: Ideal for kids aged 3-12, ensuring years of engaging play and learning.

🐾 Theme: Immerse your little one in the enchanting realms of Animals & Nature, fostering curiosity.

🧲 Magnetic Suction Beads: Elevate your child's color recognition and counting skills with the irresistible magnetic beads.

🌲 Fine Motor Skills: Crafted from premium wood, this sensory toy enhances hand-eye coordination, aiding in fine motor skill development.

🧩 Moving Ball Game Puzzle: Transform playtime into an educational adventure with this dynamic puzzle, stimulating young minds.

🎯 Focus Training: A Montessori masterpiece designed to nurture attention and concentration, paving the way for enhanced learning.



  • Ensure your child plays under parental supervision for a safe and joyful experience.
  • Protect the toy from fire and water to maintain its integrity and safety.
  • While it doesn't come in its original gift box, our PE Bag packaging is durable and dependable.
  • Color variations may occur, but the style remains consistent with the images provided.
  • Product dimensions may vary slightly (±2-3 cm), but rest assured; it will still deliver hours of educational enjoyment.


🌟 Ready to enrich your child's learning journey with a touch of Montessori magic? Grab the Montessori Magnetic Pen Ball Game today for hours of thoughtful play and boundless learning opportunities! 🛒🎈



Q: Is this toy suitable for my child's age?

A: Absolutely! Our Montessori Magnetic Pen Ball Game is designed for children aged 3-12, making it perfect for many young learners.

Q: How does the magnetic feature work?

A: The magnetic suction beads easily attract to the board, allowing your child to create colorful patterns and explore counting skills fun and engagingly.

Q: Is it safe for my child to play with unsupervised?

A: While the toy is safe, we recommend always supervising your child during play to ensure their safety and maximize the educational benefits.

Q: Can I trust the quality of the packaging?

A: Our PE Bag packaging is sturdy and reliable, ensuring your toy arrives in excellent condition.

Give your child the gift of education and play combined – order the Montessori Magnetic Pen Ball Game now and watch them embark on a journey of discovery! 🌟🛒🎈




Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Richard Padberg

A little hard to move but worth it in the 40reais

Talia Pfannerstill

The Pen scratch the glass

Burdette Feest

Marbles get stuck, the passage is too narrow, is not suitable for young children

Manuela Terry

The toy is OK but the magnet catches several balls at once

Cicero Turcotte

As described. Well made. I hope the kid will like it.