Montessori Toddler Toy: Colorful Shape Carrot Set


We are introducing our Montessori Toddler Toy: Colorful Shape Carrot Set, a gateway to boundless imagination and cognitive growth! This captivating toy set will transport your toddler to vibrant colors, intriguing shapes, and endless fun-filled adventures. From bustling farmlands guarded by adorable little rabbits to exciting culinary quests, this set offers a variety of engaging game modes to stimulate curious minds.


Key Features:

🐰 Radish Lianliankan - Challenge your strategic thinking as you match and outsmart sneaky rabbit radishes.

🃏 Radish Solitaire - Put your memory to the test by matching radishes based on color and shape. May the best memory win!

🐛 Caterpillar Invasion - Pull out radishes, tally your scores, and see who emerges victorious. Watch out for those mischievous caterpillar radishes!

🍳 Kitchen Helper - Embark on a culinary adventure with eight intriguing question cards. Can you assist the chef in finding all his ingredients?



✨ Crafted with tiny hands and developing brains in mind, this toy set is expertly designed to enhance:

  • Memory skills
  • Cognitive development
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Color and shape recognition


🎁 The Montessori Colorful Shape Carrot Set is the perfect gift on birthdays, holidays, or to celebrate learning through play. Watch your little one embark on an exciting journey of exploration, fun, and valuable education.

🌟 Ready to transform playtime into a rich learning experience? Dive into our Montessori Colorful Shape Carrot Set NOW, and let the adventures begin! 🌟 Suitable for children aged three years and above. Always supervise playtime.



Q: Is this toy set safe for toddlers?

A: Absolutely! Our Montessori Colorful Shape Carrot Set is designed with safety as a top priority, making it suitable for children aged three years and above. However, adult supervision during playtime is always recommended.

Q: How many pieces are included in the set?

A: This set includes various radish-shaped pieces and 8 question cards for the Kitchen Helper game, providing hours of entertainment and learning.

Q: Can I use this toy set to help my child develop essential skills?

A: Certainly! Our toy set is meticulously crafted to enhance memory skills, cognitive development, hand-eye coordination, and color and shape recognition, making it a valuable tool for your child's growth and development.

Q: What materials are used in the construction of this toy?

A: Our Montessori Colorful Shape Carrot Set is made from child-friendly, durable materials that are safe for your little one to play with.



Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
General Doyle

Just like the image. However much smaller. Quality is good. But not recommended for small children.

Nasir Bahringer

Duge small ((

Dayton Schamberger

It's very small.

Yasmine Lemke

I'm playing with it on my desk.
I want the baby to grow up quickly and play with it.

Pierre Okuneva

Advertising makes it look much bigger and actually small, the nnerial feel good is a great toy