Mini I06 RC Drone Toy for Kids - Indoor Quadcopter for Beginners


Step into the world of drones with our Mini I06 RC Drone, specially designed for beginners. Whether your child is just starting out or looking to elevate their drone piloting skills, this quadcopter has got you covered with its 3 unique operation modes. Let them master flying step by step, unlocking new features as they progress!


Key Features:

🛸 Level 1: Perfect for beginners! Simply press a button to watch your drone take off or land smoothly. With the altitude hold feature, it remains steady in the air. And if things go haywire? The emergency stop has got your back.

🚁 Level 2: Ready to level up? Introduce self-rotation to add a dash of excitement to your flights!

Level 3: Unleash the full potential of the Mini I06. Apart from the aforementioned features, switch speeds on the fly, use headless mode to fly without directional worries, and impress your friends with the spectacular 360° Flip&Roll stunts!



  • One Key Start/Landing: No complicated controls. A single press and you're airborne!
  • Headless Mode: Pilot effortlessly! No need to stress about which way your drone is facing.
  • 360° Flip&Roll: Dive into adrenaline-pumping aerobatics once you reach Level 3.
  • Self Rotating: Keep your audience engaged with mesmerizing spins. Pair with 360° flips for maximum fun!


Don't just fly; soar with style and confidence! The Mini I06 RC Drone is more than just a toy; it's a journey from beginner to pro. With its progressive levels and exciting features, your child can master the art of drone piloting while having a blast. So why wait? Elevate your flying adventures today and watch your child's skills take flight!



Q: Is this drone suitable for kids and beginners?
A: Absolutely! The Mini I06 RC Drone is specially designed for kids and beginners to enjoy learning how to fly a drone.

Q: How do I start flying the drone?
A: It's easy! With the one-key start/landing feature, just press a button, and you're ready for takeoff.

Q: What if I lose track of the drone's orientation?
A: No worries! The headless mode ensures you can fly without worrying about which way the drone is facing.

Q: Can I perform cool tricks with this drone?
A: Absolutely! Once you reach Level 3, you can impress everyone with amazing 360° flips and rolls.

Don't miss out on the excitement and educational opportunities this drone offers. Elevate your flying adventures with the Mini I06 RC Drone today! 🚁🚀✨


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gustave Hermiston

Quality price very good indoor very fun and for kids ideal has 2 security system and works very well👍

Mariano Jakubowski

Good toy

Murray Raynor

Very good toy! Guaranteed play indoors!

Edison Bins

It is fine but it comes with a battery they could send two, for the price it has, if they buy it with at least two batteries or more