LED Projector Kids' Art Table - Educational Painting Board Toy


Dive into a world of imagination and artistic exploration with our Children's LED Projector Art Painting Table Toy. This multifunctional masterpiece is not just a table; it's an educational canvas that sparks creativity and captivates young minds. Watch as your little ones embark on a journey of self-expression, color discovery, and artistic joy!


Key Features:

🎨 Vivid Projection Magic: Let creativity shine! Kids can bring their ideas to life by drawing based on the 24 enchanting patterns projected onto the table or in the included drawing book.

🌟 Variety in Every Slide: Unleash a spectrum of possibilities with three projection slides, each boasting eight unique patterns. That's 24 different scenes to inspire your child's artistic endeavors.

🎶 Melodies of Inspiration: Elevate the artistic experience with delightful music that engages and entertains. The captivating tunes are designed to immerse your little artist in their creative world.

🌈 Colorful Development: This art table isn't just about fun; it's about fostering essential skills. Develop your child's color perception, boost imagination, and ignite a lasting interest in painting—all while they play!

👐 Coordination Mastery: Watch as your child hones the art of coordination. This table encourages the perfect synergy between hand, eye, and mind, promoting fine motor skills and cognitive development.


  • Material: Sturdy plastic for lasting durability.
  • Size: Compact and child-friendly dimensions of 25 x 21 x 34.5cm.
  • Battery-Powered: Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included) for hassle-free, cord-free creativity.
  • Colorful Choices: Select from vibrant pink, soothing blue, or cheerful yellow to suit your child's personality.
  • Package Includes 1 x LED Projector Art Table, 3 x Pattern Projection Slides, 1 x Eraser, 1 x Blank Drawing Book, 12 x Painting Pens.


Ignite the Spark of Creativity - Order Yours Today! Turn ordinary playtime into a canvas of endless possibilities with the LED Projector Kids' Art Table. Watch your child's imagination unfold and artistic skills bloom. Order now and let the colors of creativity fill your home!



Q: How do I change the projection patterns?

A: It's easy! Swap the projection slides included in the package to access different enchanting patterns.

Q: Is this table suitable for a specific age group?

A: It's perfect for children aged three and up, fostering creativity and coordination skills.

Q: What battery type does it use, and how long do they last?

A: The table requires 3 x AA batteries (not included). Battery life depends on usage but typically lasts for several hours of playtime.

Q: Can I replace the blank drawing book or painting pens?

A: Absolutely! You can easily find replacement books and pens at your convenience.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to nurture your child's artistic talents and creativity. Order the LED Projector Kids' Art Table now and watch them embark on a self-expression and color discovery journey! 🎨


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