Large Sticky Ball Toy Set - Indoor & Outdoor Dart Fun


Transform any day into a playful adventure with the Large Sticky Ball Toy Set, meticulously designed for the young and the young-at-heart! This premium set, crafted from high-quality cloth material, promises endless entertainment and unmatched Durability. Perfect for both sunny outdoor escapades and cozy indoor fun, this toy set is your ticket to a world of laughter, agility, and imagination.


Key Features:

🎯 Versatility at its Best: Whether it's a corner in your living room or the expanse of your backyard, this toy set is your go-to fun activity.

🎯 Age-Inclusive Design: Tailored for kids aged 3-12, this set grows with your child, offering age-appropriate challenges and excitement.

🎯 Safety First: Crafted from soft, child-friendly cloth material, ensuring a safe and injury-free playtime.

🎯 Durability Guaranteed: Built to last, providing countless hours of fun without any wear and tear.



  • Material: Premium Cloth
  • Recommended Age: 3-12 Years
  • Suitable For: Indoor and Outdoor Play
  • The set Includes: Multiple Sticky Balls and Target Surfaces

Enjoy the opportunity to light up your child's world with laughter and excitement. The Large Sticky Ball Toy Set is not just a toy; it's a portal to creating unforgettable memories and honing skills that last a lifetime. It's safe, versatile, and, most importantly, fun!



Q: Is the set easy to set up? 
A: Absolutely! The simplicity of the setup means your kids can start playing in no time.

Q: How do I clean the toy set?
A: A simple wipe with a damp cloth will keep your collection looking new.

Q: Is the toy set travel-friendly?
A: Yes, its lightweight and portable design makes it perfect for trips.

Ready to make those playful moments stick? Grab your Large Sticky Ball Toy Set today and watch your living room become a dart-tastic playground! 🌟


Customer Reviews

Based on 263 reviews
Howell Lynch

To small

Vincent McClure

To take on a trip will be ideal, due to the size it has. The plastic looks quite fragile, let's see how long it lasts, but for the price it has it is good.

Henriette Cruickshank

Came the pole for a new

Afton Koch

I thought it would be bigger... But she's not bad🙈

Cary Koelpin

I thought it was bigger, but it's not bad