Interactive English Learning Flash Cards for Kids: Electronic Audio Book & Toys


Dive into the magical universe of learning with our Interactive English Learning Flash Cards, perfectly tailored for young, curious minds. These aren't just flashcards but comprehensive electronic audiobooks and learning toys that open doors to knowledge and fun. Ideal for children under six but equally adaptable for kids up to 12, these cards are your child's first step toward a lifelong love for learning.


Key Features:

🧠 Enlightenment Early Education: Specially designed for children under 6, adaptable for kids up to 12, enhancing memory and language skills.

🎵 Musical Theme: Incorporates melodious tunes to stimulate auditory learning.

🐾 Diverse Learning Categories: Over 224 contents in animals, transportation, colors, and shapes across 112 cards.

🔋 Hassle-free Operation: Features a built-in 380mah battery with USB charging, eliminating constant replacements.

📏 Portable Design: Compact size ( mm) makes it the ideal travel learning companion.

✅ Safety Certified: Complies with Europe's CE certification, ensuring it's safe for your child.



  • Model: 2022-12-20
  • Battery Capacity: 380mah
  • Charging: USB
  • Number of Cards: 112
  • Total-Content Categories: 224
  • Safety Certification: CE


Prepare to embark on a spectacular journey of interactive learning with your child. These flashcards are more than just a learning tool; they're a portal to a world filled with knowledge, melodies, and endless possibilities. Perfect for home and on-the-go learning, they're designed to be educational but safe and user-friendly for little hands.



Q: Is it suitable for toddlers? 
A: Absolutely! The flashcards are crafted for children under 6, making them perfect for toddlers.

Q: How often do I need to charge the battery?
A: Its 380mAh battery offers long-lasting playtime, but usage frequency will determine how often you need to charge.

Q: Are the materials used safe for children?
A: The flashcards are CE-certified, ensuring they meet high safety standards for children's products.

🚀 Ready to kick a child's journey of learning and discovery? Get your Interactive English Learning Flash Cards today and watch your curiosity and knowledge soar! 🌈📚




Customer Reviews

Based on 368 reviews
Angelica Kris

This learning machine has just little noisy sound. But my daughter really loves this and so exciting. Good toy for little kids tho.

Ivy Considine

realllly cool!!!!!

Osvaldo Skiles

Is already the third time that I buy this educational toy. Very cool. Exactly as in the ad. Comes with charger and the cards are well made. Arrived in 21 days of purchase.

Dewitt Barton

Duzhe krutha yakiste, good pratsyu, Bagato KTOK, just super tsikevo navim Hakha)

Eldora Bartoletti

Arrived quickly. Super cute, purchased for my grandson, would highly recommend