Mini Drone With/Without HD Camera Hight Hold Mode RC Quadcopter

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Are you ready to touch the skies and capture memories from a bird's eye view? Introducing our Hover Camera Mini Drone - your gateway to breathtaking aerial photography whether you're a beginner or a seasoned flyer!


Key Features:

📷 Capture Crystal Clear Moments - With or without an HD camera, seize every picturesque moment with unparalleled clarity. The high hold mode ensures the camera remains steady, giving you those perfect, high-quality shots every time!

🎮 Easy and Fun to Fly - Navigate the skies like a pro! With a 50-80 meters remote distance and four channels, this RC Quadcopter offers ultimate control, making it ideal for newcomers and experienced drone enthusiasts.

💪 Durable and Reliable - Constructed from robust metal, resin, and plastic, this mini drone is designed to withstand your adventurous spirit. It's not just a flying machine; it's a sturdy companion for all your aerial escapades!

🔋 All-Inclusive Package - We ensure you're ready to fly when the package lands at your doorstep. The original box, batteries, operating instructions, charger, and remote controller are included. Plus, a USB cable is also packed in!

Whether exploring the great outdoors or hosting a fun gathering, the Hover Camera Mini Drone is your ticket to unforgettable views and thrilling experiences. Don't just stay grounded; let your creativity soar!



  • Camera Options: With or Without HD Camera
  • Remote Distance: 50-80 meters
  • Channels: 4
  • Construction Materials: Metal, Resin, Plastic


Whether exploring the great outdoors, documenting your adventures, or hosting a fun gathering, the Hover Camera Mini Drone is your ultimate companion for unforgettable views and thrilling experiences. Don't limit your creativity – let it soar alongside this exceptional mini drone!



Q: Is the HD camera included, or must I purchase it separately?

A: You can choose whether you'd like the drone with or without an HD camera. It's all up to your preferences!

Q: How easy is it to control this mini drone?

A: The Hover Camera Mini Drone is designed for beginners and experienced flyers. With four channels and a remote distance of 50-80 meters, it offers ultimate control for an enjoyable flying experience.

Q: What comes in the package?

A: The package includes the original box, batteries, operating instructions, charger, remote controller, and even a USB cable, ensuring you're ready to take off immediately.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Audrey Prohaska

It's the 2nd time he could. Very cute. Equal to photo

Roderick Nienow

this is a great little drone delivered quickly just remember to separate the batteries ..there are two ...before you fly

Lyric Kuvalis

I had already ordered a green one and I liked the quality of the first one more. This one is thinner and it's all wrinkled, it doesn't get stiff.

Ole Beatty

Very cute. Just like the photo.