55cm Handmade Reborn Baby Boy - Two Colors Hair, Soft Silicone Body

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We are introducing our Handmade Reborn Baby Boy, a masterpiece of realism and craftsmanship. He's not just a doll; he's a bundle of joy that brings the essence of childhood into your home.


Key Features: 

📏 Size & Weight: Perfectly sized at 22 inches (55cm) and weighing about 1.3 kg (2.4 lbs), he mirrors the heft and dimensions of a real baby.

🎨 Exceptional Craftsmanship: Made with a soft silicone body, he offers a highly realistic touch, ideal for baths or playtime in the water.

🧼 Easy Maintenance: With removable and washable clothes, cleaning him is a breeze. Hand-clean his silicone body and dry it thoroughly.

🕺 Posable Design: His head and limbs can be adjusted to mimic adorable baby poses, giving him lifelike flexibility.

👁️ Eyes & Hair: A soft, high-temperature synthetic wig complements his sparkling, high-quality acrylic eyes. Style his hair under 120°C.

👚 Dress to Impress: He arrives in a cute outfit, but you can dress him in any 6-9 month baby clothing.

🎁 Bonus Items: Each package includes a charming pacifier and a certificate of authenticity.



  • Height: 22 inches (55cm)
  • Weight: 2.4lbs (1.3 kg)
  • Body Material: Soft Silicone
  • Hair: High-Temperature Synthetic Wig (Two Colors)
  • Eyes: High-Quality Acrylic
  • Clothing Size: Fits 6-9 months baby clothes

Experience the heartwarming presence of this reborn baby boy. Whether you're a collector, seeking a unique gift for a child, or simply a doll enthusiast, this baby boy offers a touch of realism and joy. His lifelike features and versatile design promise years of companionship and love. Take the chance to add this charming baby doll to your collection or family!



Q: Can he be bathed? 
A: Yes, his silicone body is bath-friendly.

Q: Is the hair styleable?
A: Absolutely, but keep heat styling below 120°C.

Q: What age group is he suitable for?
A: He's perfect for children (under supervision), collectors, and doll enthusiasts of all ages.

Q: Can I change his clothes?
A: Yes, he can wear any actual baby clothing sized for 6-9 months.

Q: Does he come with accessories?
A: He arrives with a pacifier and a certificate of authenticity.

Invite this delightful Reborn Baby Boy for a touch of realism and warmth. Order now and cherish his presence forever!



Customer Reviews

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Forrest Bednar

55cm Handmade Reborn Baby Boy - Two Colors Hair, Soft Silicone Body

Alison Kunde

I liked it, it's very nice. It took a long time because of the parcel in Mexico, but it finally arrived.

Mariane Paucek

Arrived very fast, but a little threatened in the back!

Rodger Shields

doll is awesome..my daughter is in love

Lon Zboncak