Folding Mommy Bag: Portable Crib Bed & Large-capacity Baby Backpack


Embrace the journey of motherhood with our Folding Mommy Bag, ingeniously designed to cater to your dynamic lifestyle. Fashioned from high-quality, durable nylon, this bag is more than just a fashion statement – it's a lifeline. Seamlessly converting from a sleek backpack into a cozy portable crib bed ensures that your little one always has a comfortable spot for naps, no matter where life takes you.


Key Features:

🎒 Stylish Yet Functional: Melding elegance with ease, it features an intelligent backpack design, swift zipper closure, and ample room for all essentials.

👶 Designed for All Stages: Ideal for every phase, from pregnancy to kids aged 12 and beyond.

🛏️ Portable Crib Convenience: Effortlessly unfolds into a crib bed, offering a serene sleep spot during travels.

🧴 Multifunctional Uses A versatile companion, it serves as a maternity pouch kit, baby toiletry bag, carriage bag, and more.

⚖️ Lightweight & Roomy: At just 1.1kg and measuring 42cm x 32cm x 22cm, it's spacious without the bulk.

🎒 Organized Storage: Features 12 distinct functions for neatly compartmentalizing baby and mom essentials.



  • Weight: 1.1kg
  • Dimensions: 42cm (H) x 32cm (W) x 22cm (D)
  • Material: Durable Nylon
  • Age Suitability: Maternity to 12 years


🤱 As a parent, being prepared is not just a choice; it's a necessity. The Folding Mommy Bag is your ally in ensuring that every outing is smooth, stress-free, and enjoyable. Ideal for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, it's an investment in style and practicality.



Q: Is the bag easy to clean?
A: Absolutely! The nylon material ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.

Q: Can it attach to a stroller?
A: Yes, it's designed to be stroller-friendly for added convenience.

Q: Is it suitable for airplane travel?
A: Definitely! Its size and functionality make it perfect for air travel.

🌟 Ready to Make Parenting Stylish and Effortless? Order Your Folding Mommy Bag Today and Travel with Confidence! 🌟




Customer Reviews

Based on 198 reviews
Aurelio Hegmann

Super fast delivery, less than 7 days!
It seems good. Will use it, we will add feedback

Mckayla Casper

Everything is great just a small detail there was not the rings to hang the toys on the arch but instead a Pacer
Not very serious I would buy some

Lindsay Boehm

Very useful and I practice. Easy to assemble and disassemble

Herbert Wolf

The backpack is very cool and resistant. I bought it as a gift and my friend loved it. As soon as I ordered it, the store sent it, but because of the delivery company it took a month to arrive: c

Ebba Hilpert

Excellent, high quality])))