FIMI X8 MINI V2 4K Camera Drone - Lightweight, 250g, 2023 Model


You are introducing the FIMI X8 MINI V2 4K Camera Drone - the pinnacle of drone technology in 2023. This remarkable drone effortlessly combines portability and power to redefine your aerial photography experience. Weighing just 250g, the FIMI X8 MINI V2 is your passport to capturing breathtaking shots with ease and precision wherever your adventures take you. Elevate your photography game with this cutting-edge drone and unlock the future of flight and photography.


Key Features:

🌟 250g-Class Ultralight Foldable Design: Compact and portable, this palm-sized drone is your perfect companion for on-the-go aerial photography. Take it anywhere and capture stunning moments effortlessly.

🔋 Type C Fast-Charging Battery: Say goodbye to long charging times. With its convenient Type C charging port, the drone's battery supports 9V/3A rapid charging, giving you more flight time and less downtime.

🎯 Smart Tracking Modes: Powered by new SOC technology and 2T AI computing, this drone can track up to 30 targets, including humans, cars, and animals. It ensures stable and accurate capture of dynamic scenes, making every shot a masterpiece.

📷 4K Camera with Three-Axis Mechanical Gimbal: Immerse yourself in crystal-clear 4K imaging supported by a micro-three-axis mechanical gimbal. This lightweight gimbal, weighing just 28g, boasts a remarkable accuracy of 0.005°, ensuring smooth footage in various conditions.



  • 3-Axis Gimbal for stable footage
  • One-Tap Video for easy operation
  • Night Shooting capabilities
  • Powerful Flight Plan Shooting for creative videography


Unleash your creativity and capture the world from a new perspective with the FIMI X8 MINI V2 4K Camera Drone. Your journey into the skies begins here, where innovation meets convenience. Elevate your photography game with this lightweight, powerful, and feature-packed drone. Take the opportunity to take your aerial photography to the next level.



Q: How long does the battery last on a single charge?
A: The FIMI X8 MINI V2 offers an impressive flight time thanks to its fast-charging Type C battery. 

Q: Is the drone easy to control for beginners?
A: The drone has user-friendly features like One-Tap Video and Smart Tracking Modes, making it suitable for beginners and experienced users.

Q: What kind of shots can I capture at night?
A: The drone's Night Shooting capabilities allow you to capture stunning shots even in low-light conditions, providing incredible nighttime photography options.

Q: Can I plan specific flight paths for my videos?
A: Absolutely! The FIMI X8 MINI V2 offers Powerful Flight Plan Shooting, enabling you to create custom flight paths for unique and creative videography.

Q: Is the drone durable and built to withstand outdoor conditions?
The drone is designed to withstand various outdoor conditions, ensuring reliability and durability during your adventures.

Take advantage of the opportunity to own the FIMI X8 MINI V2 4K Camera Drone - your gateway to exceptional aerial photography. Order now and elevate your photography game to new heights!



Customer Reviews

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Kelly Gleason

Very good worth the price and arrived in 16 calendar days.

Dasia Bednar

The drone is very good and the seller too, congratulations

Isadore Torphy

Fabulous, amazing spectacle
I'm Loving

Justus Kuhn

The post office did not deliver my order and AliExpress will refund me the amount

Caden Thompson

The product is too much! An excellent drone.