Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

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Say goodbye to the daunting task of baby nail trimming! Our Electric Baby Nail Trimmer is specially designed for the tender care of your baby's tiny nails. With precision and ease, this trimmer makes the nail grooming process safe, gentle, and hassle-free, ensuring your little one's comfort and peace of mind.


Key Features:

🟦 6 Attachment Pads: Includes three cushioned sandpapers suited for babies' delicate nails.

🔋 Rechargeable & Portable: Lightweight and compact, ideal for busy, on-the-go parents.

📦 Compact Storage: Comes with a convenient package for organized and stress-free storage.

🛡️ Safe & Gentle: Ensures no damage to baby's delicate cuticles, providing quick and automatic trimming.

⚙️ Adjustable Speed & Direction: Offers speed control and reversible spin direction for effortless trimming.

🎨 Adorable Cartoon Design: Available in Pink and Blue with engaging cartoon patterns that babies adore.

🏗️ High-Quality Material: Constructed with durable PP material for long-lasting use.



  • Suitable for Ages: Newborns to Toddlers
  • Material: High-quality PP
  • Colors: Pink and Blue
  • Power: Rechargeable Battery


Our Electric Baby Nail Trimmer isn't just a tool; it's a parenting companion designed to evolve with your child. From a newborn's first nail trim to a toddler's curious exploration, this trimmer ensures safety, ease, and comfort. It's the perfect blend of practicality and love - a must-have in your baby care arsenal.



Q: Is it safe for newborns? 
A: Absolutely! Our trimmer is designed for babies of all ages, including newborns, with gentle sandpapers and safe operation.

Q: How often should I charge it?
A: The trimmer has a long-lasting rechargeable battery, requiring minimal charging based on usage frequency.

Q: Can I use it for toddlers?
A: Yes, it's perfect for toddlers too. The various attachment pads cater to different nail sizes and ages.

Q: Are replacement pads available?
A: Yes, replacement pads can be purchased separately, ensuring your trimmer is always ready for use.

💰 Ready to Make Nail Trimming a Breeze? Don't wait! Add our Electric Baby Nail Trimmer to your cart now and experience the ultimate solution in baby nail grooming. Your little one deserves the best, and so do you! 🛒👶💕


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Carlie Becker

All pratsyu...

Merlin Rolfson

Excellent product, the truth is for small nail work because the speed is low for newborns and babies is perfect for adults costs a little more power!

Wilbert Rempel

Love product excellent quality

Damion Lang

Kit נראת Good designed beautiful. וארוזה good. Bought for 3 girls my שילדו now וישתמשו in this לנכדים small. Looks like made אחכה high em

Shyanne Homenick

Very beautiful and strong and original