1.1m Flat Eagle Kite With 30 Meter Kite Line Children Flying Bird Kites


Soar to new heights of outdoor fun with our 1.1m Flat Eagle Kite with a 30-meter kite line! Designed to unleash the adventurer in your child and bring joy to all ages, this majestic kite promises unforgettable moments at the beach, park, or anywhere the wind beckons.


Key Features:

🌟 Majestic Design: Our Flat Eagle Kite boasts a captivating eagle motif that will mesmerize onlookers as it glides through the sky gracefully.

🌟 Ample Flight Room: Equipped with a generous 30-meter kite line, this kite ensures your flying adventures reach new heights and span extensive distances.

🌟 Robust & Durable: Crafted from premium cloth and featuring a sturdy resin rod skeleton, our kite is built to withstand countless breezy escapades, ensuring it stands the test of time.

🌟 User-Friendly: Designed with ease of use in mind, this hard-winged kite guarantees smooth handling and flight stability, making it an excellent choice for beginners and seasoned flyers alike.



  • Kite Size: 1.1 meters
  • Kite Design: Flat Eagle
  • Kite Material: Premium Cloth
  • Skeleton: Sturdy Resin Rod
  • Kite Line Length: 30 meters


Don't let this opportunity soar away! Whether reliving cherished childhood memories or creating new ones with your loved ones, our 1.1m Flat Eagle Kite is an absolute must-have for those exhilarating days outdoors. Add it to your cart now and witness the skies come alive with the spirit of adventure!



Q: Is this kite suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! Our Eagle Kite is designed for easy handling and flight stability, making it an excellent choice for those just starting their kite-flying journey.

Q: What age group is this kite ideal for?

A: This kite is perfect for all ages, from kids to adults. It's a fantastic way to bond with family and friends outdoors.

Q: Is the kite easy to assemble?

A: Yes, it's simple to set up and comes with everything you need to start flying right away.

Q: Can I fly this kite at the beach?

A: Certainly! Our Flat Eagle Kite is suitable for various outdoor locations, including the beach, park, or any open area with a breeze.

Q: Is the kite durable enough to withstand strong winds?

A: While it's designed to handle breezy conditions, we recommend flying it in moderate winds for the best experience and longevity.

Unleash your inner adventurer and elevate outdoor fun with our 1.1m Flat Eagle Kite. Don't miss out on this chance to make your skies come alive – add it to your cart today!


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