Orthopedic Kids' School Backpack: Waterproof, Boys' Primary Bag


Embark on a style, comfort, and durability journey with the DUTRIEUX Orthopedic Kids' School Backpack! Designed for spirited young minds, this backpack blends a fun, cartoon-themed aesthetic with the practicality needed for daily school life. Crafted from robust, waterproof nylon, it's an all-weather ally for your child's educational adventures.


Key Features:

🌈 Vibrant Cartoon Design: Unleash your child's personality with our eye-catching patterns.

🛡️ Waterproof Durability: Ready for any weather with its sturdy nylon material.

🌟 Orthopedic Support: Protects young spines and postures, ensuring daily comfort.

📚 Ample Storage: Measures 45cm x 32cm x 18cm, perfectly sized for school essentials.

🔒 Secure & Accessible: Easy-to-use, reliable zipper for quick and safe access to belongings.

🌍 Universal Appeal: A unisex design that fits every young scholar's style.



  • Dimensions: 45cm (H) x 32cm (L) x 18cm (W)
  • Material: High-quality, waterproof nylon
  • Design: Eye-catching cartoons
  • Origin: Proudly made in Guangdong, Mainland China


Choose the DUTRIEUX Orthopedic Kids' School Backpack for a blend of whimsical design and orthopedic care. It's not just a backpack; it's a statement of fun and functionality, perfect for your child's schooling years.



Q: Is the backpack suitable for all weather conditions?

A: Absolutely! Our waterproof design ensures your child's belongings stay dry come rain or shine.

Q: Will this backpack fit all my child's school essentials?

A: Its spacious interior is designed to carry everything your child needs without being too bulky.

Q: Is the backpack easy for a child to use?

A: The robust zipper is secure and easy for little hands to open and close.

Grab your DUTRIEUX Orthopedic Kids' School Backpack today and let your child stride to school with confidence and style! 🎒✨🛍️🌟


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very good quality fast shipping i am happy with the product you thank you so much

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