BabyCare Non-Toxic Newborn Handprint-Footprint Imprint Kit


Welcome to a world of cherished memories with BabyCare's Non-Toxic Newborn Handprint-Footprint Imprint Kit. Crafted to capture the innocent beauty of your newborn, this kit lets you preserve the adorable wrinkles and creases of your baby's tiny hands and feet. Easy, safe, and fun, it's a perfect way to hold onto those fleeting moments of infancy.


Key Features:

🌟 Simple & Safe: Designed for ease and safety, this kit ensures a fun, worry-free experience for you and your baby.

🎨 Vibrantly Designed: Comes in an eye-catching package with black, blue, and red colors, adorned with engaging cartoons.

💝 Memorable Gift: A unique and thoughtful present that helps parents safeguard their precious memories.

🎁 Versatile Keepsake: Includes ample plasticine to create beautiful hand and footprints, perfect for photo frames or baby souvenirs.

🚼 Ideal for Infants: Specially made for children under three years old, capturing the essence of early development.

⚠️ Safety Assurance: Completely non-toxic, but remember – it's not for eating or swallowing!

📐 Compact Size: Measuring 9.5X5.7cm / 3.7X2.2in, it's easy to use and store, ideal for 0-6M baby handprints or footprints.



  • Size: 9.5X5.7cm / 3.7X2.2in
  • Age Group: Suitable for babies under three years old
  • Safety: Non-toxic material, but not edible
  • Inclusions: Plasticine for imprint creation, designed packaging


The BabyCare Non-Toxic Newborn Handprint-Footprint Imprint Kit is more than just a product; it's a journey into the heart of your baby's early days. It's an opportunity to create lasting memories and capture your newborn's joy and innocence in a unique, heartwarming way.



Q: Is the material safe for my baby? 
A: Yes, the kit is made with non-toxic, baby-safe materials.

Q: Can I use it for older children? 
A: It's ideal for babies under three years old.

Q: How easy is it to create an imprint? 
A: Very easy! The user-friendly design ensures a simple, enjoyable experience.

Q: What can I do with the imprints? 
A: Turn them into photo frames, baby souvenirs, or part of your keepsake collection.

Q: Where can I store the kit? 
A: Its compact size makes it convenient to store anywhere.

🛒 Ready to Create Lasting Memories? Don't let these precious moments slip away. Secure your BabyCare Imprint Kit today and start a beautiful journey of love and memories. Every imprint is a story waiting to be told. Get yours now and cherish these irreplaceable joys forever!


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BabyCare Non-Toxic Newborn Handprint-Footprint Imprint Kit

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