Colorful Shape Blocks: Montessori Motor Skill Toy


Unveil the magic of early childhood development with our Colorful Shape Blocks! Crafted from 100% safe ABS plastic, these vibrant blocks are designed to captivate your little one's senses while enhancing their fine motor skills and tactile exploration. With six unique shapes to explore, this Montessori-inspired toy promises hours of educational play and sensory delight.


Key Features:

 Vibrant & Safe: Our blocks are made from non-toxic and odorless ABS plastic, ensuring your child's safety during playtime.

 Discover & Play: Each block features a distinctive texture that invites tiny fingers to touch, feel, and explore, making learning a sensory adventure.

 Skill-Enhancing Design: Innovative elastic bands on the cube challenge your little one to push and sort each block, promoting fine motor skills and fostering a love for experimentation.

 Perfect for Tiny Tots: Designed for babies aged six months and up, this BPA-free Montessori toy guarantees a safe and joyful playtime.



  • The package includes one mesmerizing cube and six intriguing shapes.
  • Material: 100% ABS plastic
  • Age group: Suitable for babies aged six months and up


🌟 Don't miss out on this captivating journey of shapes and textures! The Colorful Shape Blocks are more than just a toy; they're a gateway to early learning and skill development. Watch your child's curiosity blossom and motor skills flourish while having endless fun. Order yours today and give your little one the gift of discovery!



Q: Are these blocks safe for my baby?

A: Absolutely! Our Colorful Shape Blocks are made from 100% non-toxic ABS plastic, ensuring your baby's safety during playtime.

Q: What age group is this toy suitable for?

A: This Montessori Motor Skill Toy is designed for babies aged six months and up, making it perfect for your curious little one.

Q: How can this toy help with skill development?

A: The innovative elastic bands on the cube challenge your child to push and sort each block, stimulating fine motor skills, tactile exploration, and experimentation.

Unlock the world of learning and fun for your baby today with the Colorful Shape Blocks! Order now, and let the adventure begin! 🌈🎁🎨



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Cornelius Willms


Jaquan Feil

It's smaller than I thought, but I still play with a good touch.

Irwin Bogan

Ear lobe

Cortez Rau

Colorful Shape Blocks: Montessori Motor Skill Toy

Eleanore Carroll

Interesting but small. The order arrived 4 days