Children's Electronic Erhu Instrument Toy - Ideal Gift


Whether your little one is taking their first steps into the world of music or you're looking to add a playful twist to your musical repertoire, our Electronic Erhu is the ideal choice. Let the magic of music unfold with this portable synthesizer, available in adorable Elk, Duck, Pig, and Whale designs.


Key Features:

🎶 Great for All Ages: A versatile instrument for kids, teens, and adults. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned musician, the Electronic Erhu brings a whole new dimension of fun to your musical experience.

🎨 Whimsical Design Options: Choose from Elk, Duck, Pig, or Whale designs to make your musical journey more delightful.

🔋 Battery-Powered Convenience: Powered by 3 No. 7 batteries, this electronic instrument is portable and hassle-free, ensuring uninterrupted musical joy.

📦 Compact and Portable: With a package size of 14.55.313.93in, take your musical companion wherever you go, adding a touch of melody to any adventure.

🌈 Vibrant Colors: While we can't eliminate color variations due to different monitors and lighting, we promise a melodic and visually vibrant instrument.



  • Power Source: 3 No. 7 batteries
  • Dimensions: 14.5x5.3x13.93 inches
  • Design Options: Elk, Duck, Pig, Whale
  • Color Variations: Subject to monitor and lighting differences


The Children's Electronic Erhu Instrument Toy isn't just a toy; it's a gateway to the magical world of music. Whether for a child taking their first musical steps or an adult looking to add fun to their repertoire, this instrument promises endless joy and creativity. Its portability, ease of use, and enchanting designs make it a must-have for anyone passionate about music.



Q: Is it suitable for beginners? 
A: The Electronic Erhu is designed for all skill levels, making it perfect for beginners.

Q: What are the power requirements?
A: It requires 3 No. 7 batteries, ensuring easy and continuous play.

Q: Are the colors and designs the same as in the pictures?
A: While slight variations might be due to monitor and lighting differences, each design is vibrant and appealing.

Q: Can I choose my design?
A: Absolutely! Select from Elk, Duck, Pig, or Whale designs to personalize your musical journey.

Unleash the rhythm of joy and creativity with our Children's Electronic Erhu Instrument Toy. Order now and gift the magic of melody to yourself or your loved ones! 🎵✨


Customer Reviews

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Jovan Heller

Interesting toy, arouses musical interest in the child. Sound quality could be better.

Samir Prosacco

You have to wait for your finability after your gift delivery

Rocio Murazik

Shvidko delivery
Ditina is satisfied

Hunter Corwin

good product

Darien Kris

You can see according to the description, do not open why it is for a gift, include your screamer to open battery storage, I will send feedback after