Child Beach Sandals - Summer Gladiator, Non-Slip Jelly Shoes

Shoe Size

Make summer adventures delightful for your little one with our Child Beach Sandals! Merging the elegance of summer gladiator style with the practicality of non-slip jelly shoes, these sandals are a must-have for playful kids. They are designed to provide both style and unparalleled comfort, ensuring your child can easily explore.


Key Features:

ūüĎ£¬†Custom Fit Assurance:¬†Move beyond one-size-fits-all! Our unique sizing ensures a perfect fit for every little foot.

ūü†Expert Sizing Guide:¬†With an insole 1cm longer than the foot, comfort is king. Use our chart for the best fit.

ūü†Foolproof Measurement Method:¬†Accurate foot measurement for a surprise-free fit.

ūüí°¬†Pro Tip for Bulk Buyers:¬†Elevate your store's reputation with bulk-imported reviews from AliExpress.



  • Sizes:¬†Available in Shoe Sizes 22 to 35, catering to various foot lengths.
  • Material:¬†Durable, non-slip jelly material for beach and outdoor play.
  • Design:¬†Gladiator-style for a trendy look.
  • Comfort:¬†Designed to ensure comfort during prolonged wear.


Our Child Beach Sandals are a purchase and investment in your child's summer joy. They combine fashion, functionality, and comfort, making them the ideal companion for your child's outdoor adventures. Don't let sizing be a hassle ‚Äď our detailed guide and measurement method always ensure a perfect fit.



Q: How do I ensure the right size for my child? 
A: Measure your child's foot and refer to our sizing chart for the best fit.

Q: What if my child has wider feet?
A: Consider opting for a size larger to accommodate wider feet comfortably.

Q: Are these sandals suitable for the beach?
A: Absolutely! Our non-slip jelly material is perfect for beach outings.

Q: Can I return them if the size doesn't fit?
A: Returns are accepted if the size doesn't match your expectations.

Equip your child for the summer with our stylish and secure sandals ‚Äď order now for a step into a world of comfort and style!


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Tyson Borer

Very good qualityūüĎĆBeautiful as the photo

Camila Monahan

Excellent same picture

Martin Barrows

It doesn't slip on a rainy day and is the best among sandals. I hope you keep selling.

Lavern Ankunding

Really suited to the beach or the pool. Top quality

Joel Mohr

I loved the blacks!! Size and exact color