Potensic P6 Elfin Foldable Drone with 2K FHD Camera FPV RC Quadcopter


The drone features a remarkable 2K camera and FPV capabilities! 📸 Capture breathtaking moments in stunning detail and experience the thrill of flying as if you were in the cockpit, instantly sharing your adventures with friends and followers on social media!


Key Features:

🌟 2K Camera & FPV Function: Say goodbye to ordinary photos! The Potensic P6 Elfin boasts a powerful 2K camera that delivers crystal-clear images and a real-time first-person-view experience on your smartphone via the app.

⏱ Extended Flying Time: Enjoy up to 20 minutes of uninterrupted flight time, including two intelligent batteries. Immerse yourself in the ultimate aerial adventure without worrying about battery life.

🛠 User-Friendly & Safe: This drone features user-friendly controls and protective propeller guards, perfect for beginners and pros alike. Crafted from high-quality ABS material, it ensures stability and durability, minimizing the risk of sudden drops or shocks.

🎮 App-Enhanced Fun: Explore a world of possibilities with the "Potensic Toy" app! Unlock exciting features like Gesture Control, Trajectory Flight, and Speed Adjustment for endless entertainment.

🎒 Portable & Stylish: The foldable design, lightweight construction, and stylish carrying bag make it easy to take your drone anywhere and keep it protected while on the move.



  • Drone Model: Potensic P6 Elfin
  • Camera Resolution: 2K FHD
  • Battery Life: Up to 20 minutes per battery
  • Control Range: Up to [insert range] meters
  • Material: High-quality ABS
  • App Compatibility: "Potensic Toy" App
  • Foldable Design: Yes


Ready to embark on a captivating aerial adventure? The Potensic P6 Elfin Drone is your ultimate companion, whether exploring the great outdoors, capturing precious family moments, or competing with friends. Its stunning camera, extended flight time, user-friendly controls, and app-enhanced features make it a must-have gadget for anyone looking to add excitement to their life from the skies.



Q: What is the maximum range of the Potensic P6 Elfin Drone?

A: The drone offers an impressive control range of up to [insert content] meters, allowing you to explore vast expanses effortlessly.

Q: Can I use the drone indoors?

A: The Potensic P6 Elfin is suitable for indoor flight and outdoor adventures, thanks to its user-friendly design and protective propeller guards.

Q: How do I connect the drone to the "Potensic Toy" app?

A: It's easy! Follow the detailed instructions provided in the manual to connect your drone to the app and unlock a world of exciting features.

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