Black & White Contrast Cloth Book - Newborn Crib Bumper Toy


Embark on a sensory and educational journey with our Black & White Contrast Cloth Book, an exceptional newborn crib bumper toy. This plush, interactive book is designed to stimulate your baby's developing senses, making it an indispensable educational tool for every infant.


Key Features:

🌟 High Contrast Visual Stimulation: With striking black and white patterns, our book is a visual marvel designed to hold your baby's attention and aid in developing their optical nervous system and brain.

🎨 Color Enlightenment: Featuring vibrant red hues, it's ideal for infants aged 4-6 months, aiding in color recognition and tracking skills.

🛡️ Safe & Durable: Constructed with 100% non-toxic materials and sturdy stitching, ensuring a safe playtime. Additionally, it's washable and fade-resistant.

🤲 Perfectly Sized for Tiny Hands: Measuring 14x15x4cm when folded and 85x15x1cm when expanded, it's crafted for little hands, promoting motor skills.

🔗 Versatile Attachment: Equipped with lanyards at each corner for easy tie-up to beds, strollers, or seats, facilitating exploration in various settings.



  • Material: Non-toxic, washable fabric
  • Size (Folded): 14x15x4 cm
  • Scope (Expanded): 85x15x1 cm
  • Color Scheme: Black, White, and Red
  • Attachment Feature: Lanyards for convenience


Transform your baby's early learning experience with our Black & White Contrast Cloth Book. It's not just a toy but a gateway to developmental adventure, engagingly fostering visual awareness, color perception, and motor skills.



Q: Is this book safe for newborns?
A: Yes, made with 100% non-toxic materials, it's perfectly safe.

Q: Can the book be washed?
A: Absolutely, it's designed for easy cleaning and durability.

Q: What is a suitable age range for this book?
A: Ideal for newborns to infants, especially beneficial for those 4-6 months old.

Order now and start your baby's journey of joy and discovery with our Black & White Contrast Cloth Book! 🚼💖🛍️✨





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Great quality, I love it ☺️

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Black & White Contrast Cloth Book - Newborn Crib Bumper Toy