Automatic Bubble Maker Gun with Mini Fan

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Welcome to a world where summer days are filled with laughter and bubbles! The Automatic Bubble Maker Gun with Mini Fan is here to add a sparkle to your family's outdoor activities. Ideal for kids and a blast for adults, this bubble maker is your key to a fun-filled, bubbly summer. Perfect for pool parties, BBQs, or just relaxing in the backyard, it's time to elevate your summer experiences from ordinary to extraordinary.


Key Features:

🌟 Automatic Bubble Fun: Effortlessly create a continuous stream of bubbles – pull the trigger and let the magic unfold.

🌈 DIY Bubble Solution: Customize your bubbles. Mix in your favorite colors or scents for a personal touch.

👪 Enjoyable for All Ages: Designed for kids but a hidden gem for adults. Add a dash of whimsy to any summer activity.

🌀 Cooling Mini Fan: Beat the heat with the built-in fan, keeping you cool while you create bubble wonders.

🎉 Perfect Party Addition: Be the life of the party! This bubble maker is a guaranteed hit at any gathering.

🎨 Creative Bubble Art: Go beyond regular bubbles. Experiment with giant bubbles or colorful concoctions for a visual treat.

🎁 The Ideal Gift: The perfect choice for a summer-themed present, bringing joy and fun to any occasion.



  • Suitable for Kids and Adults
  • User-friendly Trigger Operation
  • Compatible with Homemade Bubble Solutions
  • Integrated Mini Fan for Extra Cooling
  • Portable and Sturdy Design


Embrace a summer filled with bubble magic! The Automatic Bubble Maker Gun with Mini Fan for Kids is more than a toy; it's a gateway to creating lasting memories and enchanting moments. Ideal for any outdoor event, this bubble maker is your ticket to a summer of joy and vibrant bubble displays!



Q: Does it come with a bubble solution?
A: Create your unique bubble solutions for endless fun and customization!

Q: Is it child-friendly?
A: Absolutely! It's designed with safety and ease of use, perfect for little hands.

Q: Can the fan be used on its own?
A: The mini fan is a standalone feature for those warmer days.

Step into a bubbly, joyous summer with the Automatic Bubble Maker Gun with Mini Fan for Kids - your passport to a world of wonder and excitement! 🌈🏝️


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Alysa Hegmann

Everything is just fire🔥Order not wish Super, children are satisfied as elephant

Darrion Smitham

Very wonderful same description, I bought liquid soap from another special location for bubbles, I tried to photograph it working but did not show the beauty of bubbles

Nya Rath

The whole arrived, the color is beautiful, the delivery is not bad, I have not tried it

Allison Kuhn

I think it took about a week to ship, I think it came sooner, and it's still before use. The kids will like it a lot ~ ^ ^

Adonis Borer

Soap drops make a Fang. Pupo can be a boy if you carry and run