Adjustable String Kids' Play Violin - Educational Toy, Random Colors


Introduce your child to the enchanting world of music with our Adjustable String Kids' Play Violin! Crafted from high-quality ABS material, this simulated musical instrument is the perfect blend of fun and education for budding musicians. Whether your little one dreams of becoming the next virtuoso or wants to explore the wonders of music, this violin toy is an ideal companion.


Key Features:

🌟 High-Quality Construction: Made of non-toxic, odorless, and durable ABS material for a safe and enjoyable playtime experience.

🎶 Adjustable Strings: Mimics the structure of a real violin, allowing kids to learn and practice different notes at their own pace.

🎁 Educational Fun: Stimulates and develops children's musical talents and interests, fostering a love for music from an early age.

🎻 Essential for Beginners: More than just a toy, it's an essential tool for aspiring violinists to kickstart their musical journey.

🎁 Perfect Gift: An excellent present for kids, violin beginners, or anyone eager to explore the joys of music.


  • Color: Available in dark brown or light brown (random delivery).
  • Material: Safe and durable ABS material with spray paint.
  • Size: 39 x 13.5 x 5.5 cm (15.35 x 5.31 x 2.17 inches).
  • Package Includes 1 Violin Toy and 1 Fiddlestick.


They are stepping stones into the world of music. Whether your child is taking their first steps into music or nurturing an already budding interest, this Violin is an excellent companion. It's an educational, engaging, and enjoyable way to learn, offering a hands-on introduction to musical concepts in a fun and interactive way.



Q: Is this Violin suitable for a specific age group?

A: It's ideal for children aged three and up, providing a safe and educational experience for young music learners.

Q: Can the strings be tuned like a real violin?

A: The strings are adjustable, offering a realistic experience and helping you learn basic tuning and playing techniques.

Q: What material is tVioviolin ine from?

A: It is made from high-quality, non-toxic ABS material, ensuring durability and safety for children.

Q: Is this a full-sized violin?

A: No, it's a scaled-down version, perfect for young children to handle and play comfortably.

Q: Does the Violin produce authentic violin sounds?

A: While it mimics the structure of a real violin, it's designed for early childhood music education and may not replicate the exact sound of a traditional violin.

    Ignite your child's passion for music today with the Adjustable String Kids' Play Violin – the perfect blend of fun, learning, and musical exploration! 🎵✨


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    Sylvester Bernhard

    Looks very nice, very fast delivery!

    Chadd Ward


    Marcel Cassin

    No sound

    Merl Bergstrom

    New arrival ripped

    Berry Johnston

    Such a lovely instrument. Very well made and perfect for little children