Adjustable Cloth Diaper 0-2yrs - Washable, Eco-Friendly Nappy


Introducing our Adjustable Cloth Diaper 0-2yrs – the perfect blend of comfort, eco-friendliness, and functionality for your little one's needs! Crafted with care, this unisex diaper is designed for babies weighing 3-15 kg, making it an ideal choice for the early years of your child's life. Originating from Mainland China, our LABS Pants offer a reliable and sustainable solution for parents who prioritize quality and the environment.


Key Features:

👶 Adaptable Size: One size fits all, ensuring a snug and secure fit as your baby ages 0 to 2 years.

🌈 Vibrant Designs: The outer layer is made of waterproof printed PUL, functional and stylish with various adorable prints.

🔄 Double Row Snap: Easy to use with double row snaps for a secure and customizable fit, making diaper changes a breeze.

🌬️ Breathable Material: Constructed with breathable materials, our diaper keeps your little one comfortable in all seasons.

🌍 Eco-Friendly: Say goodbye to disposable diapers and embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. Our washable diaper is reusable, helping reduce environmental impact.

🧽 Super-Absorbent: The inner layer, made of suede cloth, provides super-absorbency, keeping your baby dry and comfortable for extended periods.

👶 Age-Range Variety: Designed to cater to different stages of your baby's growth – 0-6m, 7-12m, 13-24m, and 25-36m.

🏷️ Customizable Label: Add a personal touch! Customize the label with your baby's name or a special message.



  • Age Range: 0-2 years
  • Weight Suitability: 3-15 kg
  • Material: Waterproof PUL (outer), Suede Cloth (inner)
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Quantity: 10,000 units


Our Adjustable Cloth Diaper is not just a product; it's a movement towards a better, greener future. It combines style, functionality, and environmental responsibility in one package. By choosing our cloth diapers, you're moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle while ensuring your baby's comfort and well-being.



Q: How often do I need to wash the diaper?

A: For optimal hygiene and performance, washing the diaper after each use is recommended.

Q: Can the diaper handle overnight use?

A: The super-absorbent inner layer is designed to keep your baby dry and comfortable for extended periods, including overnight.

Q: Are the diapers suitable for sensitive skin?

A: Our diapers are made with breathable materials and are gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

Q: How do I customize the label?

A: You can customize the label by baby's name or a special message when you place your order.

Join the movement of eco-friendly parenting with our Adjustable Cloth Diaper. Embrace convenience, comfort, and sustainability! Order yours today!


Customer Reviews

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Cruz Mertz

I bought to test and loved it, the material is great, very soft, my baby adapted well, arrived before the scheduled date

Cassandra Beier

Good size I do not think they will reach 3 years but at 2 I think that if the designs are very parents very colorful and the material is good quality

Halie Torp

For the price the truth if it is worth the. oena is very cool

Miracle West

I loved it arrived Super right, it only took the delivery even I waited almost 2 month to arrive the product at my house

Ernesto Casper

Loved and very beautiful🥰🥰