8-Tone Toy Saxophone & Trumpet for Kids - Musical Party Prop


Discover the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of music with our 8-tone Saxophone and Trumpet set. This unique musical party prop, meticulously crafted for early education, promises to transform your little one into a budding musician. Its high-quality design and engaging features make it more than just a toy - it's an experience in sound and creativity!


Key Features:

🎶 Strong Penetrating Power: Designed for dynamic, unrestricted musical play, encouraging your child's musical expression.

🎹 Professional Playing Feel: The simulated key positions mimic real instruments, fostering hand-eye coordination and enhancing musical skills.

🔊 Loud Voice: Delight in your child's joy as they produce loud, vibrant sounds, exploring their musical talents.

✨ Good Quality and Safety: Smooth, burr-free construction ensures a safe and comfortable playtime experience.

🌈 Scope of Application: Ideal for young children, this set is an excellent tool for play and early musical education.



  • Color: Choose between elegant Silver or vibrant Gold.
  • Material: Made with durable plastic to withstand enthusiastic play.
  • Size: Perfectly sized for little hands at 39x14.2x8.3cm.
  • Quantity: Each package contains one 8-tone Saxophone or trumpet.


Ignite your child's passion for music with this enchanting 8-tone Saxophone and Trumpet set. This set is a delightful addition to any child's educational journey, not just a toy but a gateway to musical discovery. Order no,w, and let the harmonious melodies begin!



Q: Is this suitable for very young children? 
A: Absolutely! This set is designed with young children in mind, making it safe and easy to handle.

Q: Does it come with any accessories?
A: The package includes 1 x 8 ToSaxophonehone. Accessories should be included in the picture.

Q: Is there a retail package?
A: No retail package is included, ensuring a cost-effective and environmentally friendly product.

📦 Order now and take the first step towards nurturing your child's musical talents! 🎵✨


Customer Reviews

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Kelsi Kirlin

My son liked it a lot and arrived in perfect condition just a defect the nozzle that came half broken more good.