7" Micro Preemie Silicone Baby Doll - "Noah," Lifelike Mini Reborn, Anti-Stress


We are introducing "Noah," the 7" Micro Preemie Silicone Baby Doll from Miaio - a masterpiece of delicate artistry and lifelike design. This mini-reborn doll captures the essence of a real baby with an astonishing level of detail. Perfect for collectors, as a stress reliever, or as a heartwarming gift, "Noah" brings a touch of realism and joy to every moment.


Key Features:

🌟 Pure Authenticity: Crafted with high-quality silicone, "Noah" features a texture that mimics a real baby. His open nostrils, hand-painted lips, and naturally tipped nails add to his lifelike charm.

🌟 Incredible Details: The meticulous skin tone, mottling effect, and multi-layered painting contribute to his stunningly realistic appearance.

🌟 Pose and Play: Flexible limbs allow "Noah" to sit, lay down, and be bathed, making him an interactive and lovable companion.

🌟 Safety First: Fully compliant with ASTM F963 and EN71 standards, he's suitable for children aged three and up, ensuring playtime is fun and safe.

🌟 Perfect Gift: "Noah" is more than a doll; he's a friend and a cherished keepsake, ideal for birthdays, Christmas, or as a special surprise.



  • Size: 7 inches in height
  • Material: High-quality silicone
  • Age Suitability: 3 years and above
  • Safety Standards: ASTM F963, EN71
  • Included in Box: "Noah" doll, birth certificate, clothing set

"Noah" is not just a doll; he's a beacon of joy and a symbol of meticulous craftsmanship. His lifelike features and interactive capabilities make him a unique addition to any collection or a heartwarming gift for a loved one. Experience the magic of Miaio's artistry and the tender companionship "Noah" offers.



Q: Is "Noah" suitable for young children?

A: He meets all safety standards for children aged three and up.

Q: Can "Noah" be bathed?

A: Absolutely! His flexible, high-quality silicone body is perfect for gentle baths.

Q: How should I care for "Noah"?

A: Treat him with love – gentle washing, a sprinkle of baby powder, and tender combing will keep him pristine.

Q: Is this a limited edition doll?

A: "Noah" is a limited edition piece, making him a valuable collector's item.

Q: Where can I order "Noah"?

A: "Noah" is available for order now. Take advantage of the chance to add him to your collection or give him as a special gift. 🍼🌼

Order Now and let "Noah" bring a touch of lifelike love into your life! 🌸


Customer Reviews

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Allene Grimes

A preciousness. Better than in the ad. Very satisfied, arrived perfect, in ten days and with packing perfectly. I'll buy the girl too.

Ewell Bauch

Very cute, no strange smells, soft and realistic. Daughter is in love!

Diego Thiel

Is beautiful! Super well detailed, a cute face, comes in a very nice box and brings various accessories. This store always delivers excellent products

Christop Bechtelar


Warren Buckridge

It's so nice to me the kedaria for me, jjjerrrr!! Precious!!