58cm Maggi Reborn Baby Doll - Handmade, Silicone, Root Hair


Introducing Maggi, the 23-inch (58cm) lifelike reborn baby doll, expertly handcrafted to provide a true-to-life experience for your little one. Maggi's silicone-vinyl head, arms, and legs, combined with a PP cotton-filled body, offer a realistic touch that mimics the feel of a real baby. This doll is more than a plaything; it's a companion that brings nurturing and imaginative play to life.


Key Features:

ūü鮬†Lifelike Size:¬†Measures 23 inches (58cm), fitting seamlessly into baby-born outfits.

ūü澬†Interactive Accessories:¬†Includes a magnetic pacifier, feeding bottle, and stylish clothes.

ūüĎĬ†Realistic Details:¬†Features high-grade acrylic eyes, stunning eyelashes, and hand-embedded mohair.

ūü鮬†Exceptional Skin Detail:¬†Meticulously painted for a high-simulation leather finish.

ūüíÖ¬†Fine Hand-Drawn Nails:¬†Detailed with bright red nails for added realism.

ūüĆ쬆Care Tips:¬†Easy maintenance to ensure longevity.

ūüßł¬†Versatile Play:¬†Flexible limbs for imaginative play without standing or talking capabilities.



  • Length:¬†23 inches (58cm)
  • Material:¬†Silicone-Vinyl Head, Arms, Legs; PP Cotton Body
  • Accessories:¬†Magnetic Pacifier, Feeding Bottle, Clothing Set
  • Hair:¬†Hand-Embedded Mohair
  • Eyes:¬†High-Grade Acrylic
  • Maintenance:¬†Avoid direct sunlight, ink, and markers; regular dusting is recommended


Maggi is not just a doll; it's a gateway to nurturing play and imagination for your child. Maggi offers a unique, immersive experience with its realistic features and interactive accessories. It's an ideal gift that will enchant and engage, fostering care and creativity in your little one.



Q: Can Maggi wear regular baby clothes? 
A: Yes, Maggi fits into standard baby-born clothes.

Q: Is the hair on the doll durable? 
A: The hand-embedded mohair is durable and adds to the doll's realism.

Q: What age group is this doll suitable for? 
A: Recommended for children who appreciate nurturing play, typically ages three and up.

Order Now and Let Your Child Discover the Joy of Caring with Maggi, the Lifelike Reborn Baby Doll!


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