55CM Full Body Reborn Toddler Doll - Soft Silicone, Princess in Pink Dress

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Experience the charm and lifelike detailing of our precious Princess in Pink! This isn't just any doll; it's' an art piece that brings endless moments of joy.


Key Features:

🌸 Realistic and Touchable: Crafted from soft silicone vinyl, her skin feels incredibly smooth and natural—every inch of her screams authenticity, from her head to her toes.

🌸 Splash Time Fun: Have you ever heard of a doll that can accompany your little one in the bath? Ours can! She's designed to take a dip, making bath time doubly fun.

🌸 Pose, Play, and Display: Whether standing (with a little lean), sitting, or striking a pose, she's flexible and fully poseable. The creativity is endless!

🌸 Gorgeous Locks: Her wig hair isn't' just beautiful; it's' sturdy and low-maintenance.

🌸 Dress to Impress: She comes adorned in a pink dress, identical to the one in the picture. But guess what? You can switch it up! Your real baby's 0-3 month outfits will fit her perfectly.

🌸 Gift-Ready Package: She doesn't' come alone! A pacifier, feeding bottle, and a certificate of authenticity will accompany her.



  • Height: 55cm
  • Material: Soft Silicone Vinyl
  • Hair: Wig
  • Outfit: Pink Dress (interchangeable with real baby clothes 0-3 months)
  • Accessories: Pacifier, Feeding Bottle, Certificate of Authenticity


Whether you're a collector, looking for the perfect gift, or seeking a special friend for your child, the Princess in Pink is an impeccable choice. She represents a toy and a source of endless love and imaginative play. Let her grace your life with her lifelike charm and elegance.



Q: Can the doll be bathed? 
A: Yes, she is designed to be water-friendly for bathtime fun.

Q: Is her hair easy to maintain?
A: Absolutely, her wig hair is both beautiful and low-maintenance.

Q: Can I change her clothes?
A: She fits perfectly in any 0-3 month baby outfit.

Q: Is this suitable as a gift?
A: Definitely! She comes in a gift-ready package with additional accessories.

Bring home this exquisite Princess in Pink, and let her fill your days with joy and wonder. Adopt her today and embark on a journey of endless imagination and love! 💖🌟



Customer Reviews

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Kenny Schmitt

Very fast delivery

Domenic Leannon

It is beautiful, in the photo it is not appreciated but it is beautiful, we are happy with it.

Jason Jenkins

I liked it very much, she and beautiful arrived before the deadline. I loved

Sigurd Bednar

Is just beautiful, exactly as in the description

Maxie Brakus

Everything OK beautiful doll