55CM Reborn Toddler Fashion Doll - Blue Skirt, Soft Silicone, Lifelike

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Step into a world where dolls transcend the ordinary and embrace realism with our 55CM Reborn Toddler Girl Fashion Doll. Perfectly crafted to mimic an honest toddler, she stands at an adorable 22 inches, with every inch exuding the essence of a lifelike child. Her soft silicone vinyl body, paired with a charming blue skirt, makes her not just a doll but a remarkable piece of art.


Key Features:

✨ Incredibly Lifelike: The soft silicone vinyl body gives a realistic touch, capturing the essence of an honest toddler's tenderness.

🛁 Water-Friendly Fun: Fully prepared for bath time, she's designed for playful, splashy adventures.

👀 Mesmerizing Gaze: Her high-quality acrylic eyes, unblinking yet captivating, draw you into her world.

💇 Stylable Hair: Equipped with a high-temperature synthetic wig, feel free to style her hair to your heart's content, keeping heating tools below 120°C.

👗 Fashion Ready: Dressed in an elegant blue skirt, she's a trendsetter. Plus, she can fit into any newborn-sized attire for endless fashion possibilities.

🎁 Charming Extras: She has delightful bonuses - a cute pacifier, a feeding bottle, and a certificate to enhance your unboxing experience.



  • Height: 22 inches (55CM)
  • Material: Soft Silicone Vinyl
  • Hair: High-Temperature Synthetic Wig
  • Eyes: High-Quality Acrylic
  • Outfit: Blue Skirt (Fits Newborn-Sized Clothes)
  • Accessories: Pacifier, Feeding Bottle, Certificate


Embrace the enchantment of lifelike dolls with this exquisite Reborn Toddler Girl Fashion Doll. Ideal for collectors and as a heartwarming gift, she's not just a doll but a companion that brings a touch of realism and joy to any home. Don't wait to experience the joy she brings - order now and discover the magic yourself!



Q: Is the doll suitable for children?
A: We recommend supervision for younger children due to small accessories.

Q: Can I bathe the doll regularly?
A: She's designed for water play but avoids prolonged submersion to maintain her quality.

Q: Are her clothes changeable?
A: Indeed! She fits into any newborn-sized baby clothes, giving you many fashion options.

Q: How do I care for her hair?
A: Gently brush and style using heat tools under 120°C. Avoid excessive heat to preserve her hair quality.

Q: Can the doll's limbs move?
A: Her limbs have limited movement, enhancing her realistic appearance.

Order now and let the 55CM Reborn Toddler Girl Fashion Doll be a cherished addition to your home or collection. 🛍️👶🎁



Customer Reviews

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Melisa Schinner

Thia doll is a beauty it's worth the money I like the dress I like everything about this doll

Jacques Greenholt

I loved my beautiful doll. Product of excellent quality

Ernesto Parker

Baby Beauty

Morris Marvin


Reggie Kassulke

Beautiful doll with a sweet smile. I liked it very much.