55cm Full-Body Silicone Reborn Toddler 'Princess Sue-Sue' Doll

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Discover the enchanting world of 'Princess Sue-Sue,' a lifelike 55cm (22 inches) silicone reborn toddler doll. Weighing about 1.3kg (2.1 pounds), she is designed to capture the essence of a delightful companion, ready to join in every adventure and playtime fantasy. Her soft touch and realistic silicone vinyl body bring incredible realism, making her more than just a doll.


Key Features:

🌟 Realistic and Poseable: 'Princess Sue-Sue' boasts a full-body silicone construction, offering a soft touch and extraordinary flexibility. She is fully poseable, with a movable head and limbs, perfect for fostering imaginative play.

🌟 Bath Time Fun: Waterproof and ready for fun, this doll can accompany your child during bath or shower time, adding a splash of joy and interactive play.

🌟 Beautiful Fiber Hair: With hand-rooted fiber hair, 'Princess Sue-Sue' offers a realistic touch. The hair is stable and easy to care for, allowing numerous styling opportunities.

🌟 Stylish Wardrobe: Arriving in an enchanting dress, she can also be outfitted in any 0-3 month real baby-size clothes, offering endless fashion possibilities.

🌟 Complete Package: This doll comes with her pacifier, feeding bottle, and an official certificate, enhancing her role as a treasured addition to your collection.



  • Height: 55cm (22 inches)
  • Weight: 1.3kg (2.1 pounds)
  • Material: Silicone Vinyl
  • Hair: Hand-rooted fiber
  • Clothing Size: 0-3 months (actual baby size)

'Princess Sue-Sue' is more than just a doll; she's a magical addition to your family. Her lifelike features and versatile play options offer a unique experience, perfect for children and collectors alike. Bring home this masterpiece and witness the joy and imagination it brings to your world.



Q: Can 'Princess Sue-Sue' be bathed?
A: Yes, she is designed to be waterproof and can safely join in bath or shower time.

Q: Is the hair of the doll durable?
A: Absolutely! The hand-rooted fiber hair is realistic, stable, and easy to maintain.

Q: What size clothes does 'Princess Sue-Sue' wear?
A: She fits perfectly in any 0-3 month real baby-size clothes.

Q: Does the doll come with accessories?
A: Yes, she has a pacifier, a feeding bottle, and an official certificate.

🌟 Experience the Magic with 'Princess Sue-Sue' – Your Perfect Playtime Companion! Order Now, and Let the Enchantment Begin! 🌟



Customer Reviews

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Ilene Johns

55cm Full-Body Silicone Reborn Toddler 'Princess Sue-Sue' Doll

Brendon Bashirian

I loved!! Came perfect!! A great cost benefit. Buy without fear!!! I liked it so much that I will ask for more... Came very well packed. Finally, I am an extremely demanding person and at the cost the doll is wonderful!

Caesar Langworth

55cm Full-Body Silicone Reborn Toddler 'Princess Sue-Sue' Doll

Maudie Cartwright

Very good. The mulecada loved it.

Lillian Bins

Thank you! Excellent!