50cm Frozen Snow Queen Elsa & Anna Doll - Kids Toy


Embark on a heartwarming adventure with our enchanting 50cm Frozen Snow Queen Elsa & Anna Plush Doll. Specially crafted to spark imagination and creativity, these dolls promise to be the most cherished playmates for your child, combining the comfort of a plush toy with the magic of Arendelle.


Key Features:

🌟 Soft & Huggable: Crafted with the softest materials, these dolls are designed to provide endless cuddles and comfort during playtime.

🎨 DIY & Educational: Unlock your child's creative potential with these DIY-friendly toys that inspire magical moments and learning through play.

📺 Inspired by Movie & TV: Perfect for Frozen enthusiasts, these dolls bring the beloved characters of Elsa and Anna to life right from the screen to your home.

👶 Versatile & Interactive: Ideal for a range of play activities, from fashion play to interactive storytelling, these dolls adapt to various imaginative scenarios.

📏 Choose Your Size: Available in both 40cm and 50cm sizes, select the ideal companion for your child's adventures.

🔒 Certified Safe: Enjoy peace of mind with CE certification, guaranteeing these dolls meet the highest safety standards.

🚫 No Batteries Required: Dive into the world of pure imagination and joy without needing batteries, offering simple and fuss-free fun.



  • Size: Available in 40cm and 50cm
  • Material: High-quality, durable cloth
  • Safety: CE Certified
  • Battery: Not required

Let the Frozen Snow Queen Elsa & Anna Plush Dolls transform your child's playtime into an extraordinary adventure. These dolls are not just toys; they're companions that encourage creativity, storytelling, and emotional comfort. Perfect for gifting or adding a sprinkle of Frozen enchantment to your child's daily play, Elsa and Anna are waiting to be part of your family's story.



Q: Are the dolls suitable for all ages? 
A: Yes, these plush dolls are designed to be safe and enjoyable for children of all ages.

Q: Can the dolls be washed?
A: They are made from durable cloth that can be gently cleaned to maintain their appearance and hygiene.

Q: Is there a warranty for these dolls?
A: For warranty information, please refer to our product guarantee section.

Q: Do the dolls come with accessories?
A: The dolls are standalone, but they are designed to encourage imaginative play, allowing your child to accessorize them as they wish.

Q: How can I choose between the 40cm and 50cm sizes?
A: Consider your child's preferences and the type of play they enjoy. Both sizes offer the same magical experience, just on different scales.

Bring home the magic of Arendelle with the Frozen Snow Queen Elsa & Anna Plush Dolls – your child's gateway to a world of imagination and wonder! 🌟🎨


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Jeramie Schiller

Very beautiful dolls!

Maritza Dicki

Very beautiful dolls!

Andreane Crooks

Excellent my daughter loved

Nayeli Hodkiewicz

A doll like in the order.

Kiana Borer

Very appropriate as a gift but leave to recipient to open! Good!